Readers of Infinity: Enlightenment Comes In Increments

Be kind to the self, but do not hold back that which you know should be done.

Be accommodating in your kindness, but do not overcompensate.

Be aware, but be also introspective.

Be alert to the signs now so prolific and meaningful, for this is indeed a time of great significance.

Crack the outer shell and find the deeper meaning inside...

Watch your tempers, your reactions, and your immediate responses to that which comes from without. Do not act upon your sensitive feelings, but let them sink beneath the skin of your outer self to the core of your inner self and from there seek meaning. This process of outer reaction turned inward must now become your constant practice. In this manner will you reach enlightenment.

Enlightenment comes in increments that you can handle, that you can take in and fully absorb.

Little enlightenments come every day. Experience them as part of a meaningful practice, building toward full acceptance of the self as a being of awareness.

Where are you today? What is your outer world pointing out? Feel within your body for that which is most important to contemplate and learn from. Turn eyes inward now and study the self. This is where the greatest enlightenment lies.

Be kind, but be fully responsible. Be an adult fully committed to finding the way in a world that is not conducive to such deep inner work. It doesn’t matter. Do it anyway.

All beings who do this work of taking responsibility for the self on a deeper level evolve all beings. This is where the energy of now is calling you, inward to a deeper understanding of life. Take the inward journey. It’s really all that matters. You will discover this the deeper you go.

Be inwardly brave and daring.

Be inwardly kind and forgiving.

Be inwardly strong and responsible.

Be inwardly loving and compassionate.

Be inwardly aware and alert.

Be inwardly alive to where your path wants you to go next.

Let your inner process guide you.

Most humbly channeled, with love, by Jan.

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