Readers of Infinity: Excavate The True Self

Here is a message from Jeanne:

Reject the old stale ideas of self...

Live for yourself now. Pull your attention away from others—from the energy of old and stale lives, from the judgments and criticisms of your past—and more fully embrace a new you, distinctly different, unique, and fully capable of growing beyond where you now find yourself.

When I speak of growth, it is personal growth, in the direction of deep inner work that I mean. This must be the main focus in an evolutionary life. All of you, whether you feel inhibited by circumstances or not, are fully capable of resolving your inner conflicts and reaching a place of progressive contentment, finding yourselves upon a path of eternal growth.

Inner conflict resolution involves setting the intent to set the spirit self free, the self that has had to sit below the surface of life’s experiences, for the most part, pushed down by others and yet waiting for its moment to live, constantly attempting to get your attention. This is not an immature self, not a big baby self who just wants to live without restriction; no, this is a most mature and knowing self, calm and flowing.

This is a good week to reconnect with that deeply stirring spirit self, the true self that seeks life. The process of inner work is really quite simple if you pare it down to this one goal: to excavate the true self.

Do this by sifting through all that is not you, by refusing to accept beliefs and ideas that do not truly resonate. What do you truly believe about the self and the life you desire? Are you ready to break through the old crusts of discourse, mind control, and the dissonant waves of conflict that have imprisoned you, and really allow your spirit to live, even a little? Who says you can’t?

Begin slowly, by questioning everything as you go about your days. Ask for clarification on what comes to you from both outside and inside. Is this I or is this Not I? In this manner, adding awareness of how the body, heart, and true mind respond, you will be guided to making some changes in your lives that are right for YOU, My Dear Ones.

Take it one step at a time, letting each day unfold, but with a little effort on your part too. Meeting the spirit self that is stirring inside you, one-on-one, will greatly aid your progress.

What have you recently encountered or learned that is laying out your next step?

There is always a new path to take...

As always, I say there will be no change, no progress, if you do not participate! This may take some discipline, but, really, all you need to do is begin by being proactive on your own behalf. However, listen to the answers that come from inside the self this time, rather than the old answers constantly repeating and reverberating from elsewhere, for they are merely confining you, the old guard that hold no new life. Give the self a new positive mantra, confrontational and challenging, yet utterly true.

Capture some new ideas about the self this week and put them into action; try them on for size and see how you feel. What do you have to lose? Nothing important really, I propose, but you do stand to gain immeasurably!

One step at a time, aware of each moment, aware of deep inner self and knowing what is right, make your way toward a new YOU!

Thank you, Jeanne, and yes, one step at a time, with humbleness, I too make my way. Thanks for reading and being part of this unfolding journey! If this is possible, then what else?


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