Readers of Infinity: Take A New Approach

Here is this week’s channeled message from Jeanne and our guides in Infinity:

Time is now and time is all time; time is eternity. Keep that in mind as you go about your day and set your intentions. Keep always in mind that life upon the earth is brief in the scheme of things, a mere moment, while at the same time you are all eternal beings on eternal journeys. Each part of your eternal journey is significant, each day upon that earth meaningful, each moment part of your greater potential.

Do I notice the treasures in my life?

Do you miss what you seek? Turn around and find it ready and waiting. Do not look too hard, but be open and accepting. Notice how things come to you. Do not overstudy their appearances, but begin to readily accept the magic in your lives as perfectly natural and acceptable.

Ask for what you need and wait for it to come. Set your intention to change and be open and considerate while you wait. Intend to be good in the way of all goodness, to be kind in the way of all kindness, to be loving in the way of all love. By this I mean, be open to the flow of universal love, kindness, and goodness and it will greet you in return. Accept it as it comes to you and then release it so that it flows onward. There is always enough to aid you and enough to go around.

Accept that you are all beings capable of channeling energy and learning the laws of the universe. Become more aware of your own environment to begin with. In pursuit of your understanding of how things work on an energetic level, simply begin by looking around you. Begin to notice that what you seek is right there within your grasp.

Perhaps you have been looking too hard, or not at all. Perhaps you are turning in the wrong direction or blocked by some inner fear. Perhaps you are too sleepy or have little energy, swept up in the mundane and the minutia of your daily lives. Ask the self to perk up and notice what is going on in the world outside of you, even a little bit each day. In this way, discover how your questions get answered, your intentions unfold, and your needs get met.

Perhaps a new perspective might help!

Watch what you ask for, for you will get what you propose. If you are fed up with things beings so bad and you cannot stand your situation any longer, then avoid negative thoughts and expectations. Change your thoughts, change your outlook, and change your expectations to positive ones in order to shift awareness to a new level of living. Take a new approach. Beginning today, allow the positive energy of change to support you in your endeavors to lead a new and better life.

All sentient beings are guided and protected, but also presented with the lessons they most need to gain sure footing and greater awareness of the energy that is available to lead them further on their eternal journeys of discovery.

Looking for something? You might suddenly notice that it’s standing right behind you, that it’s been there for the longest time, just waiting for you to turn around and see it!

Thank you to Jeanne and Infinity for another message of guidance. Most humbly channeled and passed on by Jan Ketchel.

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