Readers of Infinity: Times Of Change

Here is this week’s message from Jeanne and all of Infinity:

Pull into center of self

Sit in calmness and know thy self. Although there is great turmoil in the world around you, do not attach to its troubled energy, for it is but the energy of the times. It is the energy that must be passed through in order for change to happen. Be calm like the solid earth at your feet. Know that within the self that earth’s calmness reverberates. That is where you must sit while you wait out the storm.

Know that turmoil within is growth-oriented, but if you are pulled apart by its tensions you will suffer greatly. Find always your inner strength and balance. Pull always inward to sit in its calm center. This is where you must also wait out the inner storm, a storm that also rides in on these times of change.

Allow the self this: the truth that your spirit knows everything you are going through, that it seeks union with you and, without rejecting anything you are going through, it seeks acceptance and acknowledgment of its presence in your life. Spirit asks for acceptance and that you let it guide you through these turbulent times, both those outside and those inside.

Constantly pull back into self now. Connect with inner calm spirit of self and know full well that you are on the road to change. The journey began a long time ago. Spirit asks you to finally accept this truth of self and then it asks that you allow yourself to keep going. The journey will not stop, only you stop. Is that really what you want to do?

The only real stopping necessary is the stopping of outer turmoil and distraction by constantly re-centering in spirit self. That is where calmness lies. In that calmness will you succeed in gaining clarity and fuller understanding of your personal journey. But it is only in continually taking that journey that its fulfillment will be revealed. And who knows what that might be!

Fulfillment lies in the hands of your daring spirit self. Let it guide you. Let it surprise you. For that is what it will do, My Dears, surprise you indeed!

Keep going. Don’t be afraid. You are safe in your own hands. Live who you truly are.

Channeled by Jan Ketchel

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