Readers of Infinity: Many Transformations

Today I asked Jeanne, and all of our guides in infinity, for a message of guidance. Here is what came through. Oh, and by the way, we are all Readers of Infinity; it’s part of what we’re here to find out. Here is today’s message:

Outer world reflecting inner world

Many transformations, begun a long time ago, now take deeper root in knowing—in body, mind, and spirit—in clarity now, rather than in muffled dissonance or unawareness.

With that clarity of awareness now revealed and firmly acknowledged, find your way into the new year that yawns wide open before you. Many transformations began over the past few days, many began over the past few weeks, and still others have been happening slowly over many years. Now is the time to acknowledge what has long been stirring inside: greater awareness of life as meaningful, as guided, as a spiritual journey leading you to fulfillment in this lifetime and evolvement at a new level in the next life.

What is meant by “next life?”

That term is used in a general sense to include all possibilities. Depending on where you are on your journey that could mean many things. Depending on choices made, opening many new doors of understanding, that could mean many new things that you have not yet encountered or considered.

But rather than get caught there, stay present in this time, in this moment of living upon that earth, and keep in mind the new awareness that you have currently achieved. For some of you this will mean greater clarity upon a journey well trod and well known as the right journey upon the right path. For others this will mean accepting a long sought after truth or purpose. For others this will mean inviting in the purpose of your spirit to lead you now as you enter new life. For others what has recently transpired to guide you along your current path may seem fantastical, magical, or too unbelievable to be true, but I encourage you to accept its transformational appeal nonetheless.

I encourage all of you, My Dear Readers, to accept the transformational qualities of life that call to you, each day, to grow and change, to make new decisions that will lead you to greater calmness, peace, and balance. Life itself desires simplicity and greater attention to the inner self, so that balance may once again be established, outside the self and inside the self.

You see, many transformations leading to greater awareness of the human condition are just one part of the journey, the very beginning of a deeper transformational process, one that must be fully explored, embraced, and fulfilled in order for new life to exist, both on that earth plane and in other planes of awareness.

I encourage all of you to advance upon your journeys now. All of you have received a wake-up call, a knock on the door, a note of appeal from your spirit, urging you to take life seriously now. There is no time to waste; life calls for greater and deeper attention to details and to what is being offered: the opportunity to transform yourself and, in so doing, the opportunity to transform all of life upon that earth.

The Earth itself is on the same transformational journey as each one of you. Don’t you notice it reflecting everything that you too are encountering and dealing with? That is why you live there now, in this great time of change. Whether environmental or otherwise, you are already in the midst of change.

I encourage all of you, once again, to wake up to this fact: change has already come. It has been taking you along on a ride of a lifetime. Can you acquiesce to its message more fully today? Can you ride its energy to where you need to go? Can you stand up to your big baby, your old habits, your deeply ingrained beliefs, and accept the truths that wash over you every day now?

Many transformations are offered. Choose wisely. In calmness turn to your spirit and ask it to guide you. In calmness it will answer you.

Be thoughtful, pragmatic, and genuine; and in calmness go forth. In calmness will new life unfold before your eyes, new truths will be revealed to guide you.

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