Readers of Infinity: A New Year’s Message From Jeanne

Evolving change...

Take with you all that you have learned over the past year, keeping in mind the practices of balance, of detachment, of deep inner work, as you move forward. Each step of a lifetime is important. Each moment you breathe is important. Each thought is important. Each moment of inner calm is utterly important, for it leads to deeper awareness.

Continue always the work on the self, the inner process of growth and understanding being the most valuable, as you ask the self to constantly change.

A new year of change awaits. A new year of growth and challenge followed by more challenge and more growth. Keep in mind always that growth is important, change is desirable, and evolution necessary. All of this is important for each one of you individually and the human race as a whole. Change is necessary. As I always say: Only by confronting the self will change happen.

Be good residents of life by constantly pushing the self to take up the challenges that life presents. Be good citizens of the earth and the environment—outer and inner, physical and spiritual, mental and emotional as well—by constantly facing the self, even though it is so much easier to face others and find their issues so clearly labeled and exposed. Do not hide from the self. Turn inward, appreciate the self and the complexities of life. All of you are complicated beings trying to figure out a life journey that many not always be clear.

I say to all of you: Keep going. Your path may clear soon. Your way may be shown with a new clarity as you proceed or it may remain murky for a while longer, yet do not falter. Life calls, always. Life entices you forward. Look for its guidance. Do not be afraid to take the journey that your heart seeks. It is the right one.

Each New Year offers enticements, yet the journey remains the same. You are already well into it, steeped in the challenges of it, and you can’t skip any steps. Refresh your energy by all means, but face the same things each day until they no longer need to be faced. Know that with deep inner work and in the interplay of challenge and reward will come the balance and calm of maturity and knowing that you seek.

Life is your best friend. A New Year, a new day, is a new opportunity to meet new life within the self. Join in the energy of growth and become free of all that now weighs you down. This is the energy of this New Year, offering new freedom, though it may come only as you face your greatest fears. But that, My Dears, is how you will truly live the life you so desire.

All possibility lies within the power of you. You are in control at all times. What is it that you wish for? Know that clearly, and then allow the self to work diligently toward fulfillment of that goal. It will come in acquiescing to the new energy of now, without fear, without regret, simply making decisions that lead to new life, and that means to change. Keep going.

Happy New Year and Thank You Jeanne!

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