Chuck’s Place: Worlds Without End

Infinite Possibility

It’s our time now, let’s make the most of it.

Carlos Castaneda once said, in the most supremely nonjudgmental way: whatever life you’re in, whatever part you’ve chosen to play, play it to the fullest! From the point of view of infinity, life is endless adventure, with endless roles to play. Let’s all win Kennedy Center honors for the parts we play.

To be fully engrossed and captivated by the life we are in makes us the serious actors our parts fully deserve. Turn around then with joy and glee at the ultimate realization that when we are done with our role we are free to retire it, job well done, complete. Now, onto the next! And what will that role be?

This ability to free ourselves to move on to new life is supreme detachment. This is supreme love; love for all the actors we come into contact with as we continue the unfathomable journeys we are all on, journeys of infinite possibility, as boundless as the growing universe—universe upon universe.

With awareness and affection, and a growing connection to boundless love, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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