Readers of Infinity: Patience

Continue the process of inner work, recapitulating the deepest aspects of self, utilizing patience as a means of slowing down the energies of turmoil and rigidity that seek to dominate.

Anchoring in patience

It is time to fully accept all aspects of self as valid and necessary, to allow the inner process to become the means for outer change. Seek not change outerly, for such change will have no lasting effect. Only inner change will have potential. However, use the outer world to gain stability and anchoring.

Be responsible for the self in all aspects of life, as it must be lived according to where you are in your life. Accept that certain needs must be met, certain requirements upheld, and that many issues will need attention. Such is the case with the outer world, but do not let the outer world overwhelm you. It is merely a tool to inner growth and evolutionary advancement.

In addition, your inner world must be handled in similar fashion as the outer world, for you are equally responsible for and must meet the needs of what comes from within the self as well. Balance but also deep awareness of both of these worlds as necessary must be accepted.

Consideration of the self as a journeyer on a deeply challenging and truly evolutionary journey must become acceptable but also the intent of every human being upon that planet. There is no time to waste in blame, regret, or victimization. In a sense you are all victims of the world you live in, of the life you lead, and of the decisions made by others, but that is only so that you may seek a deeper meaning for life, self, and world.

It is not a time to wallow in self-pity, even as you accept the truths I speak of. It is a time of accessing the deeper knowing and purpose of life in general and your own life specifically. Although it may not be clear where you are heading with the work you do in resolving the issues of the self, it is perfectly clear that it is the right road to take. For in your release of self to take the journey of change, you have, each one of you, experienced the glory of changing moments. You know the feel of shift in your bodies, your minds, your psyches, and your spirits. Each one of you, no matter how sad and dire your circumstances, no matter how deeply engrossing your process, have experienced something new.

Patience must anchor you now. The world around you asks for it. Steady pacing, tending to all the details of life, and attention to the truths that arise, calling for the self to accept them, means that progress will be made.

Anchor in patience. Pull up this anchor of patience repeatedly as you keep moving, but resettle in its stillness as you feel your way through everything that arises to challenge you over the next few days. Nothing is too much to handle when you sit in anchoring patience. Everything will become clearer and you will know what is right.

Let actions come from the rightness of knowing that is achieved in patient anchoring. This is the next step. You already know it. Now is the time to work it. It’s right and it takes so little to enact. In patience comes clarity.

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