#770 I Am Energy Inhabiting Human Form

Written by Jan Ketchel with a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

I feast on the first light of the morning sun as I sit and meditate, connect with Jeanne, and ask for guidance for this day, this week, and this new month of August. What guidance do you offer us, Jeanne? I ask. This is what she replies:

I offer you awareness of the world as comprised of interconnected energy and you are part of it! Each one of you is connected by energetic filaments, unseen and for the most part unknown. Trust me on this, you are all energetic beings comprised of energy that is seeking recognition and desirous of being put to better use.

Learn to feel the self as energy in the same way you perceive electrical current to be energy. You too are of similar makeup. You too are capable of transmitting your personal energy, both to the self within your body and outside the self to others and the world around you.

You have the ability to heal the self of damage to body and soul. You have the ability to aid in the healing of others. By your awareness and your intent, you have the ability to change yourself and your world. However, it takes work!

Today, I challenge all of you, My Dear Readers, to begin taking yourselves more seriously; to more deeply consider that each one of you has untapped powers of healing. Consider that there are processes of change at your core that have gone untapped and uninvestigated for far too long.

Why are you alive? Why do you exist at all? What higher purpose does your life serve? Who are you anyway? Can you imagine finding out the answers to these questions? Can you be open to the possibility that you are there to discover your own potential as an energetic being? What does that really mean?

In the context of many lifetimes, it means that perhaps you are ready to consider the truth of this idea. Perhaps, since you are a seeker of spiritual knowledge, you are ready to accept some new ideas about life upon that earth.

Energy Beings

Perhaps you wonder how I can communicate and pass on these words and ideas, seemingly coming out of thin air, because I do not in fact exist in your world. But I exist nonetheless and each one of you also exists, at this very moment, in the same energetic form as I. The only difference is that for the moment you inhabit a human form. I have been released from human form, as you will be one day as well. Until that time you might find it helpful to take into consideration that you are an energetic being inhabiting a human form.

You may not feel that you chose the form you are in, the person you are today, but, in fact, you did! Can you accept this? Can you appreciate your choice? Can you find your energy self and fully know that this journey you are on is vitally important? Can you find your energetic self more often as a result of these concepts and explore the ideas I propose?

If you are the same as me, an energetic being, then your abilities are unlimited. But, as I said, it takes work to discover those abilities, trust them, utilize them properly, and evolve beyond the world of personal attachments. I too have had to learn how to use them and how to evolve. I suggest that a wonderful exercise for this day, this week, and this new month is a daily process of acceptance of the self as a being of energy.

As often as possible state, out loud or too the self: I am a being comprised of energy! I am a being comprised of energy! I am a being comprised of energy!

Say this when you are waking in the morning and when you are going to sleep at night. Say this when you are preparing for your day—when walking, running, sitting, meditating, driving, working, playing, loving—let it be a constant mantra, replacing all the old mantras that keep you stuck and unhappy. Allow this phrase to be on your every breath and see what nuances of reality show themselves to you. Seek to envision the self as this energetic being in order to truly change how you view the world, how you relate to the world, and how you understand your personal life as an energy being in human form.

You all know this about the self already, you’ve just forgotten. You just need to dredge up this knowledge and remind the self of its truth on a daily basis. I am a being comprised of energy! Remember?

Thank you Jeanne! I, and my fellow energy beings, thank you for reminding us of this truth! I am a being comprised of energy! I am an energy being in human form!

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