#749 Practice Remembering

Written by Jan Ketchel and including a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

After a couple of weeks of muddled energy when tempers flared and there seemed to be little clarity in spoken words, no matter how concise, I feel a new sense of energy, vital, clearly present and alive. I feel that I am often strongly connected to what is happening in the cosmos, feeling it energetically, though I find it hard to keep track of what planet is in what alignment with what. Just feeling it is enough to realize that a time of shift is necessary, whether I like it or not, and I know I must accept the push to attend to personal issues. This has been the case lately.

Now I feel a shift away from the volatile and into the simmering and, as we begin a new week, I ask Jeanne to give us a message of guidance as we enter this new phase, in the cosmos as well as in our everyday lives on this earth. My awareness warns me not to settle back into an old rut, not to become complacent or lazy now that the intensity has waned, but to remain alert to the truths learned, moving forward with them. I believe we are still in a time of meaningful transition and will be for the rest of our lives. Can you comment, Jeanne?

My Dear Ones: Indeed, it is not at all time to settle back, either into old ways or into rest, but to continue pointing in that new direction that has been revealed to you.

During a time of revelation, as has been the situation among you, it is equally important to carry through once the blazing light of clarity and truth has dimmed or been withdrawn. When darkness descends at the end of the day, that which was revealed in the light of day remains. Keep this in mind as you forge ahead in your lives.

Truths once revealed remain clearly true. Do not lose sight of them, but keep them close to your hearts. Carry what you have learned forward now, whether it be a personal issue, a universal issue, a political issue, a deeply necessary issue of self truth, or even an enlightening process of spiritual worth, not necessarily everyday stuff nor meant for others to share. Whatever your revelation has been, the next step in the process is to keep it uppermost in your attention, allowing it to remain apparent in your awareness. For you all need the light of revelation to guide you as you go into the darkness.

The darkness always returns, but after each time of revelation it is not as dark as it was previously.

Today, I suggest that a practice of remembering be instituted. Call to mind what you have lately learned about the world, about the self, keeping the bitter truths alongside the beautiful truths, and do not forget what has been revealed to you.

Your process throughout your life is to remember. There is much to be recalled, the ancient and unknown not the least of it by far. But even each ordinary day, news is delivered to your awareness and your process is to not only notice it and learn from it, but to assimilate what you become aware of so you can evolve, never forgetting it.

I turn now to a final note: Your main purpose in life is to remember why you are there, and to figure out what direction to go in. You are both looking backward and forward simultaneously, your soul intent on learning and exploring to the fullest. Why you are there, understanding your reason to the fullest requires constant contact with the outer world, for it presents you with your evolutionary potential. In other words, there is much life ahead of you in the world you live in.

Learn from where you have already been, accepting the truths of the self, in order to face and truly explore your future. The doors are always wide open, in both directions, whether it is time to turn inward to explore or outward to explore. It is up to you to accept the terms of your personal adventure. I say, go for it. There is nothing to lose and only joy and truth to gain.

Living fully takes a certain amount of detachment, but that is another subject. For now, accept who you are, where you are, and find out why you are there at this moment, but don’t ever stop changing and growing. That is the challenge all must face. No matter what the energy outside of you is proposing, seek always to remember:

I am an evolving energy being and I elect to fully live!

Thank you Jeanne! Please feel free to post comments or respond to this message in the post/read comments section below. Also check out our facebook page at: Riverwalker Press on facebook. And thank you for passing the messages on!

Most fondly and humbly offered.

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