A Note About Riverwalker Press on Facebook!

Dear Fellow Journeyers,

Today’s message from Jan and Jeanne is posted below. But first, here is our latest news.

After much deliberation we have opened a facebook page for Riverwalker Press with the pure intent of broadening our accessibility to those who might find our work to be of value.

As Chuck notes: Carl Jung once said that for a tree’s branches to reach heaven its roots must reach hell. There are two sides to everything, a light and a dark. I know that in several blogs I have decried the self-importance trap inherent in facebook. On the other hand, facebook may be credited in large measure with bringing down an old regime in ancient Egypt.

We enter into this new relationship with facebook well aware of this duality and intend to navigate it with purity of purpose appreciating its potential value in allowing the people to share information independent of spin and the marketplace.

The truth is, there is real value in an energetic medium that replicates the true energetic interconnectedness of all things.

We invite you to go to our facebook page and “LIKE” us! Or not! Look for links to our various blogs including Jeanne’s channeled messages, Chuck’s Place and Jan’s A Day in a Life, as well as other information of note as it arises, including a daily mantra or quote, starting today.

We hope you are all well and we look forward to staying connected with you.

Here is the link: Riverwalker Press on facebook

Most Fondly,
Chuck and Jan

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