#680 Stay Grounded in Inner Energy Today

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What is the most pertinent message you have for us on this day?

I have spoken lately of paying attention to nature, of understanding how change happens, and of connecting to nature during times of change, for nature not only reflects the energy of change but embodies it as well. Today it is likely that greater moments of awareness and subsequent shifts will be noted and achieved. This awareness and shift will be both personal and impersonal, but the important factor is to not only notice what is happening around you, and inside you, but to use it for growth.

Today is a good day to learn something new about the self. As you are confronted by the energy outside of you, find out how it is really affecting the energy inside of you. Is your personal energy out of synch with the outer energy? Is your personal energy in its own shift, needing something that only you can provide? Is the outer energy pushing you in this direction of shift, aiding you in your endeavors, or is it disrupting your personal progress? Is the energy of today to be engaged in, or is it to be detached from? Such questions as these require contemplation at all times, however, I underscore that the energy of now is quite volatile, quite aggressive and demanding. But even such energy can be tamed and utilized for personal growth, though it takes a keen sense of self, of where you are now, and what you need, in order to not get swept up in the vastness of the energy as it comes into your world. The vastness of the energy refers to its widespread power to override all other energy, even that of concerted efforts to change.

Pay attention, during such times, to the energy of self and to what it truly needs right now, rather than attaching to the energy of others or the possibilities that abound outside of you, offering to sweep you up in what appears to be quite vital and invigorating energy. Do not be fooled into something that does not truly resonate with self.

This is a day to stay grounded in the needs of the self, to be reflective and thoughtful about the inner energy that has been pushing you in a new direction for a long time. This may be the day you have long awaited, the day of finality of intent, setting you more firmly on your new path. Use the energy of now wisely by determining your true commitment to the inner desires. Are you ready to firmly commit to the new path that has been revealed over the past few months? Have you received enough reasons, enough encouragement, enough signs that it is indeed the path you need to be on? Are you ready to set your feet down more firmly upon this new path and take the journey that you already know lies waiting for you to more fully embrace, engage in, and own as your own true journey, regardless of what you may be drawn to outside of you?

You see, that is the dilemma that must always be encountered and resolved, the inner and outer conflict. Who among you does not struggle with the self, the conflicted self? It is human nature to struggle, but even so, a choice must be made as to which path will be taken as paths appear, as decisions arise, as life unfolds.

Who are you now and who do you desire to be? How are you being guided, at this moment in time, to choose the path of growth and progress toward a more united self? What choice, made today, even at this very moment, will bring you closer to the self you truly resonate with and desire to cultivate? Where is the true energy of self?

It is the energy of self that you seek to recognize, know, and remain attached to now, while the outer energy presents you with all kinds of opportunities. Sit quietly with the self and ask for guidance on what to do next. From this place of inner calm, turning your back on the energy knocking on your door, may you hear the quiet answer you truly need right now.

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