#660 Times of Learning

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for all of your readers today?

My Dear Ones, do not doubt your experiences in that life you now live, nor attempt to project too far beyond the present, for in so doing will you miss some vital signs that are ready to lead you forward, to guide you as you live each day. In order to truly progress and evolve upon that earth one must not reject the mundane aspects of each day in favor of spiritual enlightenment alone. For your life upon that earth is meant to teach you something of great value so that you may evolve as a human being, as well as in your spiritual pursuits. Today, I stress not only the balance that is so necessary in order to truly grow and gain clarity, but I also stress how necessary it is that you truly accept each moment of your life upon that earth as most necessary for you personally to learn from.

Do not dismiss your issues and problems and seek to run or hide from them. Do not pretend that they don’t exist or that you are above them in any way, but accept them as significant markers of your journey, lessons that you personally must learn something from. See your difficulties in life as the tools to learning what to do next, as the next steps along your path.

In order to get beyond anger and disappointment one must truly embrace life as it comes, every aspect as meaningful and not only to be gotten through, but as times of learning. And what is it you are supposed to be learning? You are learning how to balance the reality of your world with the truth of your innocent self, who truly wants to live but who must wait for you to prepare the way so that it will be safe for that innocent self to emerge and be with you in the world. You must prepare the way by becoming strong and thick-skinned enough to withstand all that life could possibly throw at you, so that your spiritual one may join you in life, knowing that you have prepared the way.

In preparing your life so that you may allow your innocent spirit self to join you in it, your goals become clearer. As you barge ahead and remove the obstacles to your true self, and the life your true self desires, you are actually setting your intent to merge your present self with the desires of your inner spirit self.

This process does take a lot of work as you determine what is right for you in your life, what you want in it and what you don’t want in it. As you prepare your future, holding firmly to your inner spirit’s desire for true emergence and mergence, you will more clearly see what you must do. You will more clearly see the choices as either progressive or detrimental. You will see the decisions as clearly defined, as right or wrong for the desires of your spirit self.

In order to truly grow upon that earth, to take a real journey of enlightenment, you must allow your spirit to accompany you. Even though that innocent aspect of self must wait patiently for the right time to join you in a more pronounced manner, so must you allow it to speak up as your outer self battles the world and takes on what gets thrown at you. To deal with the outer world is so important, but it must be done with the whispers of your innocent spirit self constantly in your ear, allowed to speak up, even though its emergence may be far off. Your innocent spirit self is your greatest guide, so do not neglect or dismiss it from your daily life. For even as you may wish to hide from what the world shows that you must tackle, so may you be equally ready to hide from what your spirit shows you that you must tackle.

Listen and pay attention to both the outer world and the inner world. They are both present to guide you and show you the steps that will lead you to a merger of these two selves in trustful, loving, appreciative partnership, together on a journey that is indeed quite amazing.

Can you get beyond this moment in your life, by totally taking it in and working it for what it is showing you about your self and your true desires in life? Can you brighten your day by taking command of the self and possessing the inner self as often as you possess who you are outerly? Can you take the next step in conscious contrast to the fearful self, no longer hiding, but fully exploding into owning the truths of the self? In other words, can you take the next step for the self?

That is your challenge today. And it will be your challenge tomorrow, and the next day. The challenge is to own the desires of the self by taking over the strengths of the self on your own behalf, wasted not on attempts to enlighten another, but spent on fully allowing the self to reach your own enlightenment, guided solely by you, the inner you and the outer you. You are in control at all times. But you must discover what that means each day, and how best to use it for true growth leading to balance and delight.

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