A Day in a Life: Treasuring the Lights

Dear Readers,

Well, the electricity finally came back on yesterday, but we are now in the midst of the next onslaught of bad weather, a Nor’easter, and supposedly this will sit over us for the next four days. I am attempting to get as much work done while the lights are on, and with a certification exam to finalize I am hoping I can get it done before the heavy snow that is now falling causes another outage. We live in a very rural area and even on perfectly fine days the electricity can pop on and off for seemingly no reason whatsoever. We feel lucky because our neighbors across the road did not get turned back on yet, their generator has been humming all night long. So, if all goes well, I intend to have a channeled message posted tomorrow and we’ll get Chuck’s blog up on Saturday, but it all depends on what happens with this current storm. Yesterday we shoveled and used the snowblower on the heavy wet snow for about six hours in order to get out of the garage and up the steep driveway. The trees were bowed to the ground and a large branch landed smack in the middle of the driveway that Chuck had to use the chain saw on because it was too heavy to even budge. And, as usually happens, the snow plows came through and piled a four foot high pile of heavy wet slush at the top of the driveway, a major chore to get through. If it would only stay a little colder the snow is a lot lighter and easier to move out of the way.

Supposedly today’s snow will change to rain in a few hours, but we sit right on the dividing line. It is predicted that if you live to the West you will get snow, to the East rain, and we are in the iffy zone. So, hopefully we will be back on line tomorrow morning. If all goes well, you will see a message from Jeanne posted by noon and if not, our Admin will be leaving you a note as to what is happening.

Until then: Happy snow day!

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