#653 Fearlessness

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today? Would you like to continue discussing the process of inner work and the important factors and steps to focus on as we take our inner journeys? What else besides patience, perseverance, kindness, innocence, maturity and commitment must we keep in mind?

There is much to be said for taking the inner journey and it is crucial to keep in mind that it is not only a process, but also an investment in the self. To invest in the self requires patience, perseverance, kindness, innocence, maturity and commitment and all that each one of those words means, for as your process continues you will discover the greater meaning of taking such ideas into consideration, as you actually live what they mean.

Consider the self as a river flowing through a landscape, at once as tender and light, as gentle and soothing as water can be, but also as hard and destructive, as harsh and cruel as water can also be. For water soothes the gentle baby’s skin, yet does it also cut through rock. Such qualities are also found inside each of you, the ability to be as gentle as one drop of water or as powerful as a tumbling, mighty river. With such qualities in your awareness and acceptable to you, begin now a deeper exploration of your true capabilities. In your inner work, you must be able to be tender with the self, with your feelings and emotions, with your most painfully sore spots and your deepest wounds. Yet must you also be able to cut through all that arises to prevent your growth. You must be able to crash through the barriers that arise in fearlessness, for only in pushing beyond your present self will you grow.

In embracing fearlessness will you not only be able to attend to all parts of the self that arise while you do your inner work, but you will be able to push beyond them and discover new attributes, new creative talents, new aspects of self that lie hidden and buried by fear and its cohorts. Fearlessness, My Dears, is a most necessary aspect of inner work and you will not be able to take the deeper journey without it.

Look upon the self as a flowing river again. A river is fearless, for it cannot, once it begins its journey, stop itself. Once it has made a rivulet upon the earth it has begun its journey. That rivulet may soon dry up, but it has made its mark. It has scored a path, and when next the rains come, when next the ice melts, when next the stream overflows its banks that rivulet will soak up the waters of life and open to the flow of them again. A tiny rivulet will soon flow beyond its early beginnings and flow with fearless energy because it cannot do otherwise.

Once you begin your inner journey you will be as that tiny rivulet. Your approach may dry up, your energy for the journey dissipate, but you will have cut into the heart and soul of your psyche and your physical body, and you will not be able to rest long before you thirst for the flow of energy to go deeper into the self. Once begun, the inner journey will not let you rest long in a state of depletion, for the process, once begun, must be fed the energy of life.

As you take your journey, as your personal process reveals itself, one tiny drop or one rushing stream at a time, you will begin to understand the momentum of your own yearning to continue the journey, and you will learn what it truly means to be fearless, not in a haphazard or careless manner, but in a steady and knowing manner, as you become aware that confronting your fears is the only means of proceeding through life. Your barriers will become the challenges they are meant to be as you allow fear to be your guide, pushing you forward, rather than allowing them to become overwhelming blockages that you lay down before, pooling your energy in stagnant ponds of fear.

Your fear, as it guides you, will ask you, repeatedly, to flow like a river. For only in flowing like a river will you open up to the greater gifts in life. Fearlessness, combined with patience, perseverance, kindness, innocence, maturity and commitment to the journey, will guide you well as you take into consideration your soul’s purpose and your soul’s greater intent. What is it?

Why, indeed, are you there? You will only discover the answer by continuing your process. And that, My Dearest Ones, means you must tackle your fears. In becoming steadily, increasingly, lovingly, rightly, conscientiously fearless you will truly grow.

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