#652 Commitment

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Last night, as I was preparing to sleep, I asked you to visit me in dreaming and work with me, to communicate something that was important for me alone to learn. I slept fitfully, waking often out of dreams and falling back into them many times throughout the night. In spite of that it was a good night for dreaming, but not for remembering. The last dream ended with the words “embrace commitment” falling out into my waking moment. I wondered if perhaps these words were not meant for me alone, but perhaps for all who are doing inner work? Is commitment the next step in the process, and is this idea something to discuss today?

My Dear One, commitment to the inner process is already well established if you are this far along, but the idea of further embracing it must be confronted as you take your inner journey. I do not necessarily need to ponder this idea with you today, except to say that in order to truly take the journey you must be committed to it. That being said, if you are now living in that world, having been born into it again, your soul’s intent is committed to taking a journey of evolutionary growth. Your underlying intent is to take the journey, to establish that your life is meaningful and necessary, that it is presented as it is for every reason you can come up with and many more besides.

Your soul’s intent to reincarnate is thus firmly established. You, each one of you who are born into that world, are challenged with discovering this fact. Your soul does ask you to fully embrace this intent, established long before you were consciously aware, long before childhood presented you with your core issues, and long before you had figured out that your journey upon that earth does matter. It matters to you and to your soul that you fully embrace the journey you are on and that you explore it as if you were an adventurer, without limitations, with daring, excited to discover just what lies beyond the next ridge, the next ocean, the next planet, or the next idea.

To awaken to your truths is to understand the commitment your soul has made to you. To awaken to your truths is to reciprocate that commitment, to say to your soul in return: “I am fully committed to taking this journey you have laid out for me and I am ready to explore this life with you. Let the journey truly begin!” In taking such a stand in your life you offer your self the possibility of resolution, resulting in evolution, so that you may choose a different outcome and a different reincarnation in the future.

All who reside upon that earth will leave it, when life is done, with a new opportunity to face new challenges in a new form, either to reenter that earth plane or to move to another plane. This process may not truly be recognized or discovered until that life passes through the gate at death, leading to awareness, but all will go through the process whether the commitment to the soul’s journey has been embraced or not. But to go through that gate to new life and possibility having aligned with the soul’s intent means that your next choice for life may be clearly one of evolutionary opportunity, far beyond the issues you now contend with.

In taking the evolutionary path, committed to inner exploration while in that world —the earth plane— you will actually allow for your soul to enact change, both in its personal choices and in evolutionary changes reaching far beyond the personal. You see, as each one of you choose to evolve energetically, so does everyone else because you, by your work on the self, produce a more aware being in each reincarnation, thus enabling progress in greater human awareness.

Right now it seems that we have reached a standoff almost between those who are energetically and spiritually aware that we do impact far more than just this world with our choices and actions and those who are fully committed to this world alone, with no vision or enticement to look beyond what the eyes can see. It is almost as if the metaphysicists and the scientists are in a tug of war over who is right and what it means to the earth itself. Are we at a crucial point now, the human race, or is this no different than any other moment in human history?

The human race, vast and convoluted as it is, is quite divided in its pursuit of the meaning of life. Is life simply a moment of physical reality or it there something else? Who is right? Truthfully, it does not matter. What matters is that each one of you upon that earth decides, for the self, if you are ready to evolve. Do you hear your soul calling to you? Do you see the signs, hear the words, and smell the reality of its intent leading you onward? If you have heard its call you are ready to take the journey it has prepared for you, but once committed you must be prepared, with the tools available to you, to take what comes to teach you about the self.

I have been offering you many tools, messages for many years now, and each time you assimilate the news that you are indeed supposed to learn you evolve a little further. An evolutionary journey can be very slow and methodical, but it can also speed up simply by your intent to commit to it with greater awareness. This is what you have been asking for over the past few weeks in your requests for simple words of wisdom: how to speed things up. In learning what patience, perseverance, kindness, innocence and maturity truly mean for the self as an evolving being, you further commit your self to your process and your greater journey based on your soul’s intent.

So, although I did not intend to stick to the idea of commitment today, we did indeed need to explore it, for it requires acknowledgement and embracing in order for you to reconnect with your soul’s intent, My Dear Jan and all my Readers. By recalling that you are part of a greater self, may you offer the self this tool of commitment, or recommitment, to your soul’s intent. May you reestablish that your journey through life is meant to teach you that everything you experience is prepared so that you may mature with your greater self, so that you may meet your soul on the river of intent, personal intent flowing through the world you live in, and venture onward together, fully committed to discovering and resolving the age old questions: Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? What am I meant to learn? Who am I truly meant to be? And so on.

Reconnect with your soul’s intent and you may, through working with the tools provided by your soul itself —in the life you were given— coupled with learning the many self-supportive gifts of patience, perseverance, kindness, innocence and maturity, more fully awaken and more fully embrace the self, your journey, and your evolutionary possibilities.

Does that sound like an interesting enough reason for your life? Are you truly ready to recommit —for you all did commit at one time— to fulfilling the commitment you made with your soul, your greater self? You are your soul, and you set your intent a long time ago. Think about that.

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