#616 Transition is Inevitable

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
I am a little late with our channeling today due to a winter storm in the Northeast. We had to get out early to shovel and plow the snow that had accumulated during the night. Today is a special day, the day you died in Heiden, Switzerland eight years ago. We honor you by continuing to be open to the new you, the evolved you, and the guidance you offer us. What message do you have for all of your readers on this day?

Do not look with sorrow at the ability of life to transform, but look upon it as evolutionarily proper and right. Know that all must pass from that life. All will be confronted with the instant of transition. Though it may come in many forms, through many circumstances and many different chains of events, so is it the goal of every being upon that earth to eventually pass from that life into new life.

You know that I proselytize only about this new life. I do not make judgments about your process upon that earth, but only seek to remind you all that transition is inevitable. How you elect to transition is a personal issue that no one else can really be decisive about. You alone are responsible for your awareness at the moment of most importance. In order to train your awareness I offer you much advice but, as always, it is up to you to work upon the issues of the self in order to evolve and maintain awareness at all times.

I suggest that you study your guidance and the signs you receive for the greater, deeper truth in them. Keep in mind that you too will transition into energy one day. Your challenge is to determine how you are being guided and what you are really being shown. Your assessment of the guidance you receive may keep you bound to comfortable interpretations so that you continue to feel good about your life, your decisions, and your actions. However, I suggest that you look at the guidance and signs that come to you from an uncomfortable perspective, rather than a comforting one. Most likely, that which makes you uncomfortable is a truer message of guidance.

Guidance comes to challenge. If you were not on a path of growth, the guidance and signs you receive would not be challenging you. They would merely keep you in a place of unchanging complacency, and you would not grow or evolve in any aspect of your life. I understand that it is quite nice to receive signs of assent and acknowledgment that you are indeed taking the right path, but look also at the challenge that rides atop each right action and each new step.

Your journey is continual. It never ends. Look not for guidance to show you how to arrive some place or to be done with your life and your challenges, but look for your guidance to show you where to go next, what to learn now, and the greater meaning of your existence.

In offering you this advice on how to read the signs in your life, I offer you a key issue on a path of growth, that of properly assessing the guidance you are given. The guidance that comes to you is rather pushy. It desires you to not only notice it, but also to take it into your life and work it. It asks you to find what your next challenge is, rather than simply find your same old comforts.

Often guidance is present to comfort you, but it will most likely be only a momentary comfort as the ego self, the big baby self, and the desiring self feel loved, protected, and attended to in whatever way you wish to interpret. However, the greater reason for guidance is to push you to evolve, to become a new person upon that earth, to fulfill your life’s purpose, to discover your spirit’s reason for living that life, and to offer you all the challenges you need to discover the answers to these personal problems that you are so inflicted and gifted with.

Though I passed from that life on this day many years ago, I do not sorrow for the life I departed from. I have pursued an evolutionary path and my connection to those of you upon that earth, my dearest ones and the many who have found resonance with my words, remains steadfastly connected to a mission of evolutionary growth.

In conclusion, I always advise that you enjoy your life, accepting the signs and the guidance you receive, in whatever form or shape it appears, knowing that it is asking something greater of you, something evolutionary. It is up to you to figure that out in the context of your personal life. But be assured that if you ask for another sign to guide you, it will arrive. Be also sure to seek its challenges rather than its comforts, for that is what it expects of you as an evolutionary spirit.

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