#617 Tuning In

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Last night, Chuck and I watched a movie called, Tuning In, about the fascinating process of six channelers, how they first began to channel, where it has taken them, and the messages they receive. Each of them channels an entity that speaks on the same evolutionary track as you. I totally recognize their processes and the decision to commit to doing the work they have been assigned. The entities they channel are: Kryon, Torah, Tobias, the Pleiadian Collective, Bashar, and Chief Joseph. I have heard of one or two of these entities, though I have not engrossed myself in any one else’s process for fear of being influenced. However, I found the movie extremely helpful, as I struggle almost daily with how to better utilize the skills I have nurtured, while at the same time I am confronted with the skepticism of the world I decided to leave behind as I embarked on this journey with you. I am as fully committed to our process as each one of these people is to their own and I am open to the further unfolding of it.

Both Chuck and I wonder if you know of these other entities that I mention. Are they part of your group, the same group that you speak of as attempting to awaken us?

Yes, My Dear. Those of you upon that earth who have dared to accept the messages you receive as meaningful and necessary are channeling the same energy. My group, as I call it, is many thousands of us. In fact, My Dear Readers, there is someone in my group awaiting connection with each of you upon that earth, someone who will allow your own innate abilities to awaken and guide you to awareness of all entities as energy.

This group that I am but a small part of has the same intent, the greater intent of evolution, to push those of you now upon that earth to go beyond the world you now are attached to so that you may understand the greater magic and mystery of life. Life is energy and as such it has the ability to manifest in any way, shape, or form; as worlds, as felt vibration, thoughts, realizations; as well as whatever form is necessary in order to awaken those of you upon that earth to the far greater sense of what energy truly means.

To awaken you, attempts are being made daily but, as you know, it takes quite a lot of trust before success is achieved. To become an open channel one must truly clear the path by doing deep inner work. I cannot stress this enough, for otherwise will too many things interfere. Even as you struggle daily, My Dear Jan, with how to use this gift, so are there many others who do not trust their inner process nor feel it to be acceptable in the world you inhabit.

Yes, I know. For me, I did really have to leave an old world behind. It took years of continually daring myself to step through doors that appeared, combating fears, judgments, prejudices, and any number of constructs that are taken for granted until I confronted them as mere ghosts standing in the way. An awakening is a process. Do you envision more people being able to take the journey? Chuck and I work with people every day who experience connection with energy, but they, like us, are also fully engrossed in living in this world with the worries, responsibilities, and needs of this life. How do we stay connected to our innate abilities so these abilities can evolve too, even while we live our lives?

To answer your first question, yes, I do envision a greater awakening. This is the intent of my group and you are aware that intent by its very nature is a powerful force in the universe. Intent carries purpose, and the power of intent exists by itself alone; it is energy in action and cannot be denied, diminished, or dismissed. Energy exists. Intent exists as a product of energy; the two are synonymous with each other.

That being said, the challenge becomes accepting a process, a personal process of awakening. This is not a simple stroke of enlightenment, though it may appear to hit like a jolt. It is, in fact, a lifelong process. As you know, Jan, your own process has been evolving and unfolding since the day you were born, and I mean this literally. If all beings upon that earth could accept the truth that they are on a spiritual evolutionary journey and that they are energy beings first and foremost, capable of all that such a being entails, it would greatly aid the awakening process.

Many upon that earth, in fact most people, have the ability to recall their child self as an innocent being, full of wonder for the world while at the same time confronted with the challenges of it.

Funny that you should mention this! I was just going to ask about this, as it too was mentioned in the film.

Along the way the innocent self has become less real, buried, often forgotten, though it has not departed or died. It remains always alive, a pilot light flickering deep inside each of you, holding a steady connection to where you have come from and where you have the possibility to go next.

Each one of you has the flame of spiritual connection. The inner process of self-investigation and self-destruction, if you will, allows you to access that flame. You know from your own personal work on the self, Jan, that your life has changed greatly since you began to dare your self to wade into the darkness that had permeated your existence. In your self-exploration you remained committed to the search for the inner flame. At each step along the way, as you continued to forge through the tunnel of darkness that flame burned ever brighter, with resonance, calling you to continue creeping toward it, until you had fully reconnected with its bright energy.

Yes, this is true!

This is the process that must be accepted. It must be contained, within the confines of the self, for it is only within the self that the true challenges and blockages will be found. These are the real confrontations that life offers so that you may evolve. The outer world continually reflects the true challenges that reside within the self. I cannot stress enough that true evolution can only be achieved by stripping bare the darkness within, taking down the curtains that block you from the true meaning of life as energy, the truth of all beings as one, and the truth of all life as being energetically aligned. It does not matter what you look like, how you act, what you think, believe, or do in that life, or how you perceive others. Underneath all the presentations, judgments, attitudes, and belief systems, you are all the same energy.

Yes, in the film they speak of this and the fact that there are no victims, that life is like a play. We are all acting out our lives and when the play is done we walk off the stage, as actors, take off our costumes and make-up, leave our play, our drama, behind us and go off to have a drink together, toasting a job well done. Chuck and I like the analogy of the world we live in as being played out that way. And when we are done with life we are absolved of everything, for it was chosen, necessary, and evolutionary; there is no sin and there are no victims in the greater sense, if everything is the same energy.

Yes, I agree, for you have all chosen the life you now live, but for evolutionary reasons, and each life you live is part of that process, a process of learning. You would not be here today, doing this work, My Dear Jan and Chuck, had you not learned a few lessons along the way. Those of you who now reside upon that earth are at a great advantage, for you have already learned the lessons necessary to evolve.

Yes, you have spoken of this often before and this was also mentioned in the film. This is why we saw so much similarity with your mission. In the film, they too mentioned that we are at a point where we have already done it all, that we have the opportunity to do something else now, to shift. I see the planet wearing out as part of this awakening. Perhaps we humans have used up its resources because it is time for us to move on, though we, being human, like to be comfortable in the known and are afraid to take the leap forward.

The world, the earth itself, will continue in its own fashion, with its own intent to evolve aided by the energy that offers it what it needs. You must allow your awareness to spread beyond the self to a greater awareness of the energy of all things. Energy is present in all things, human and otherwise. The intent to evolve exists in all things, in what you can see and what you cannot see.

All things in existence upon that earth are in a unique position to shift from intense scrutiny of that which is outside the self to that which is inside. The human being is the one most capable of causing this shift to become a reality. The human being is asked to go back to the innocent knowing self, to trust the knowledge that lies beneath the constructs of the world you see so clearly, the world that has been so cleanly picked apart, studied so intensely for so many centuries. However, you all carry within you the true wisdom of the centuries and this is what is being pushed upon you now, this awareness is knocking at your door. Though it may frighten the heck out of you, do you dare to answer it, to open the door, even though you know that, if you do, your world as you know it will greatly change and you will too? Are you ready to take the leap and truly discover why you are there, where you are going, and why?

These are the questions that must be posed each day as you ask the inner self to stop fighting the truths that are constantly being posed. Can you hold onto the fact that you are all one, that you are all energy, equal, the same, and that you chose to live that life you now live, that you are only a victim if you wish to be, for your life is totally in your hands?

I invite you all to take the journey that will open the door to finding your own channel, your own connection with the one who speaks most clearly to you. It is quite an experience, and once you have it you will not be able to walk away from it. Once you reconnect with your own innate innocence and wisdom you will not be able to desert it again. You will want to plunge into your darkness, for there will be no other reason to live. The only reason, you will discover, is to fully find your energy self. This is all you need in order to evolve, and it is only through this connection that you will truly do so.

Thank you, Jeanne. That was great, but I have to stop now.

NOTE: I have added the film, Tuning In, to our Store under the movies category, for your convenience, in case you are interested in exploring it further. -Jan

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  1. Dear Jan and Chuck,
    First, I would like to thank you both for sharing your gifts with all of us! As always, I am so grateful for your continued commitment. I found today’s message extremely helpful…Jeanne really packed this full with many useful things, all so appropriate, especially at this particular time. Thank you so much for sharing your energy with us!

  2. We are so happy to hear that you are finding what you need from the messages. As you know we have trusted her guidance for many years ourselves and are always amazed at the accuracy of the messages for where we are and what we need too. Thanks, Jan and Chuck

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