#615 A Day of Alchemy

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What guidance do you offer us today?

It is time now to take everything you have learned, everything you know about the self, everything you know about energy, about spirit, and about how you personally operate and sit quietly surrounded by this knowledge. It is time to be plainly frank with the self first and foremost, then to acknowledge your faults but also your brightnesses and your most precious assets. It is time to sit in balance and make some concrete decisions, based not on what the outer world expects of you, but based on the truths of the self.

Today is a day of consolidation and of taking self-knowledge to a new level. You have all the ingredients you need to bake a delicious cake. You have gathered the finest of components, perfected your techniques, and longed for the time to come when you would use what you have gathered. If we stick to a metaphor of baking a cake, then today is the day to finally surround your self with all of the ingredients you have so diligently and carefully collected and begin to assemble them. It is time to begin the process of constructing the cake, knowing full well that you have done your work of preparation. You have determined what kind of cake you wish to bake and you are perfectly contented to calmly and quietly go about the process of mixing the ingredients in a new format.

This is a day of alchemy, a day of contentment mixed with desire for change based on truths you have revealed to the self, gained by dissolution and deconstruction of the self so that new energy may result. Begin with the basic ingredients of self in order to begin a new alchemical process, using only the finest ingredients, learned, culled, and perfected by your hard work on the self.

This is a new day, and to begin each day as an opportunity for new growth and new life is an essential ingredient in alchemy. Each day offers the opportunity for purity to become the most important aspect of who you are and how you elect to conduct your self and grow. Purity in intent, in action, and in every step of your daily process offers you the opportunity to really change.

Each and every one of you, My Dear Readers, is asked to change each day when you wake up in the morning and begin a new day. Each day is a new opportunity to evolve. Today, look at what you have prepared in order to accept your assignment to keep going, to truly live upon that earth. Look closely at the ingredients in your life, at the recipe you have chosen for your own alchemical process to proceed.

Are your ingredients as pure as possible? Are your motives equally pure? Are your intentions pure? Are your techniques honed and ready to be utilized? Are your circumstances ready for the great cake baking alchemical process to take place? Are you ready to put together your new life and truly ready to watch it grow? As you begin the process of assembling your new life each day, keep in mind that you are responsible for your creation, for each step in the process, for baking the life you desire, and for being responsible for the outcome because this is your life.

Consolidate the self to a point of purity in all things. Find the basic truths of the self, the purest ingredients of self, and begin to accept that in order to evolve further some action on your part must be taken. An alchemical process, a process of transformation, like a cake being put together, baked, and tended is really what life is all about. You can use any metaphor you like if you do not like my cake baking metaphor, but I contend that the process is going to be the same. In order for life to truly evolve you must become the catalyst in your life, become the baker, become the person of action who knows that everything you need is present in your life to take the next step.

What are you waiting for? Look forward to the process as much as you look forward to the result, for it is in the process that you will learn much more about the self and truly grow.

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