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December ninth marks the eighth anniversary of Jeanne’s transition into the fullness of her energy body, in infinity. I have never wavered in my emotional reaction to her death, though I feel deeply the sadness of our children who lost their earthly mother before they themselves reached adulthood. I still find deep contentment at having successfully guarded Jeanne’s intent in this world up to her final decision of when to leave. Since then I have allowed myself to participate in an evolutionary journey of love beyond the personal.

I am most thankful, though not surprised, that Jeanne found a way to turn her attention back to this world, as we had intended, if at all possible. After her death, as she united with the fullness of her lives and loves through many journeys in this world, she chose to open the channel back to our journey together and share her ongoing lessons in infinity. Sometimes I am simply spellbound at her ability to still mother her children. Today, I reflect upon my experiences of, and personal transformation through, these lessons.

I love; I love deeply, but I am no longer attached to the specialness or the possessiveness of love. Had I not learned this lesson the door to a continued relationship with the evolved Jeanne would have remained closed. This is the challenge of death. If we cling to the specialness of what we had we can’t go forward in an evolving relationship.

My family now is far more comprehensive. It is the family of energy, with no special distinctions, no special advantages. I travel with those with whom there is resonance and connection because it is energetically right, not for reasons of self-interest. I have learned, over time, to clarify and understand and not dismiss non-resonant energy, to respect its purpose in our energetic family. The energy I flow with is of an evolutionary bend, as if the head of a fish is the resonant energy, while all energy is included in the body of the fish. The rear of the fish is as significant as the head. It is evident that many in the world today are resonant with this evolutionary energy that seeks a dramatic shift.

I live a life of evolutionary change. I totally trust energy. In my career I seek no advantage. I push not to make connections, to market, to manipulate, to survive and prosper through winning or being special. I will not enter any agreements of self-promotion. I trust that my intent to be aligned with evolutionary energy will provide. This has been proven in the signs and guidance I have received and the decisions I have made based on my reading of these synchronicities. I constantly refuse the urging of the old ways to take advantage. I am certain that our next global state of evolution transcends markets, consumers, accumulation, and unfair advantage. For me, it’s all energy; reading it and acting in the right alignment versus reading it to get rich. What this boils down to is decision making that is right, not decision making that seeks only personal gain, turning a blind eye to the needs of the whole.

We are all interconnected. In order for there to be global advancement, self-interest must expand to include the greater self, the world. The old paradigm of Us against Them is so played out. I must admit, though my love for Obama is deep, and I wanted it to be different, the truth is, this old story was putting the cadets to sleep this week as Obama spoke at West Point. Why couldn’t Obama have watched Joan Baez on PBS’s American Masters series before he made his decision? Joan, the Quaker, walked with Martin Luther King in deeply resonant non-violent revolutionary energy. Obama is the maturation of that energetic dream. Why more troops and CIA drones? We are back in the old boring story of the good and the evil ones, completely separate entities.

The new paradigm truly acknowledges the interconnectedness of all things. If there are terrorists, and there are, then we are connected and part of that terrorism. It is not a separate entity. We are acting in such a way as to create terrorism as a necessary balance, letting the tail lead the fish. We cannot separate ourselves and simply drone out the terrorist extreme. In fact, the more we attempt to obliterate it, the more tenacious we invite its extremist counter reaction.

Can we be courageous enough to reflect upon why the world has come to need terrorists? Can we look inside our own inner truths and see our own deep attachment to self-advantage, self-interest, self-accumulation, and self-comfort at the expense of, and exploitation of, others? Competition is a vital energetic reality but, honestly, when have we ever really played fair? Terrorism both reflects and matches unfair play. If we can embrace a policy of fair play that truly respects the whole fish, we dismantle the compensatory need for terrorism. The real enemy is quite personal. In my view, we all need to examine which self interest we truly serve: our personal wants and desires, those of our immediate family, or those of the greater family of all interconnected energy? To balance that energy and move it forward in a new way now is our evolutionary challenge of survival for this world. The head of the fish must consider the whole fish as it navigates now, or the tail will continue to spin us out of control in its own effort to awaken the head to the needs of the whole.

These are some of the love lessons I have learned as I continue my journey with the evolving Jeanne.

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Until we meet again,

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