#613 Make Your Journey Be Your Own

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

My Dear Ones, do not become morose or complacent regarding the position you find yourselves in. It is only through truly embracing and living the life you are challenged with that you will change and grow. Though you may regret decisions, impulses, judgments, and unproven tales of wonder, so must you learn to be open, flowing, nonjudgmental explorers of your world in order to evolve.

That being said, I do contend that you are responsible for where you now sit, for the place you have landed, and the dilemmas you face. In taking full responsibility for the self, in pulling back projections and blame, and finally taking up the challenge of your own journey you will finally get your self to the true starting line of your true journey in that life. Only in fully realizing that you are not only responsible for every action and choice in your life, but that you are fully in control of every move you make will your journey finally begin as yours alone.

Make your journey be your own. Fully own your self and your life by determining how you wish to live that life. In what state of energy, in what frame of mind, in what type of body, and in what personal manner do you wish to conduct your business? Who is the you that you have always wished to be?

Begin the process of becoming. Begin the process of fully owning the self by taking full responsibility for past, present, and future actions, by reacting to the self in a different manner, beginning right now, at this very moment. Change who you are by fully taking over who you have become, with all of your issues as your dearest and most trusty traveling companions. These traveling companions are so well known to you that you do not have to ask who they are; you know them inside and out. You do not need to fool your self about them any longer. They will not go away or simply shrink to nothing if you continue to pretend they are not with you every minute of every day.

Acceptance of self as is, right now, will aid you in accepting responsibility for the self you have become. Perhaps you are quite happy with the self. Perhaps you will find it easy to take responsibility for the self because that is what you have always done. I request that you more fully embrace, love, and accept this self as your true self at all times, not just when you are feeling strong and in control, but also when you are confronted with greater issues that life itself may throw at you. Do not be so quick to judge your reactions to life’s challenges, but methodically confront them, seeing them as meaningful for you at this moment, and meant for evolutionary growth.

If you are unhappy with the self, if you find your self in quite a bind and see no way out, I suggest to you that the same process of self-acceptance for the journey taken, the choices made, and the place you find your self in must be more fully explored, owned, and truly taken as your true responsibility. Only you are in charge of you. Even if you wish to look outside of you to blame, I ask that you look deeply into the self for the true reason for your position in life. Somewhere along the way you made decisions that have put you here now.

This self-acceptance and taking back of responsibility is not meant as a reciprocal blaming process, you are not meant to blame the self, but to use your experiences as eye-opening realizations that you, who had the power to get you into the position you are now in, also has the power to get you out of it. By being totally honest, truthful, and accepting of the self as fallible, as sometimes confused, as affected by outside energy and your own inner desires, you are indeed taking responsibility for your life.

Your true power now lies in learning to love and accept the self for the journey thus far taken, with respect for all aspects of the self that have come forth and revealed themselves to you, your trusty traveling companions who are just trying to figure out what is missing in your life. Turn to them now, to those aspects of self that you have been traveling with all these years, and love them, simply because they exist; they are you and they are worthy of your love.

Are you ready to come to a new starting line? Are you ready to unconditionally accept the self you have become, the journey you have taken, and the companions you have traveled with, inside and outside? Are you ready to face your truths and carry them forward, now fully revealed, into your new journey? Are you ready to run, taking full responsibility, into new energy, fully aware that this time everything is up to you? Do you dare to go beyond the old self? These are the questions to pose and mull over, though you must not stay in inner conflict or inner work alone, but act upon the energy of the life you are living at this moment.

Something in your life is pushing you to dare the self out of your doldrums. What is it? In order to discover your true power of self as unconditional traveling companion, you must not only show up at the starting line, but begin the race when the starting pistol is fired, whether you feel ready or not, because this is where your inner and outer worlds have gotten you. If you show up at the starting line, be prepared to run, to take full responsibility for the choices you make, have made, and will make. Be prepared to discover more about the self as you take your running, changing journey. Be prepared to confront your old traveling companions as you move forward and, if you have not resolved your issues with them, boldly ask them to show you what you must learn about them. Be prepared for anything, but also be wholly responsible for what may come to lead you on your life’s path and your next encounter with the self.

The energy expects change. The energy of truth expects acceptance. The energy of daring expects reciprocal daring on your part, fully knowing that you will come up against your fears, your old demons, your old decisions, your judgments, your habits, your past, your confusion, and that these things, and many more, must be truthfully acknowledged, clarified, and trusted as your true guidance upon that earth. The energy outside of you directs attention to the inner you, so that you may have the opportunity to change, and that is what the energy of now offers you, the opportunity to change. Are you honestly ready and willing to take the changing journey?

The starting line is right before you, at this very moment, as it will be there in the next moment too. It is always right there, at your next step, but it is up to you to wake up and notice it.

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