#612 Stay Focused on Reality

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of your readers today?

I encourage a conscious effort be made to combine heart-centered knowing with the truth of the world now being revealed. Do not fail to separate truth from fantasy, nor fail to separate your own inner knowing from the path you are on. This is a time of great frustration and purpose, a changing, shifting time. For many it will come in drastic and abrupt change, while for others its shift will be a simple progression as it rolls out the carpet upon the path of life. Whether the carpet before you is bright red and quite visible, or merely hinted at in the rubble at your feet, I advise caution at each step, with attention paid to the truths of the heart and the knowing of the clear thinking head. Heart, head, and feet combined now are essential components of a journey well taken.

Question your every move over the next few days. Do not rely on the stories of others or the facts thrown at your feet, but look for the deeper meaning in everything. The moon, though it shines brightly, does hide the truth at the same time that it exposes the mysteries of the night. The night revealed in this manner is not simply the same world as revealed by the sun, but a new world altogether.

This is a time of duality, mystery, covertness, and deception. Be careful. For even as the moon and the sun are opposites, so is the energy that accompanies them. In the moonlight you may become attached to one aspect of self and others, finding truth and experiences that appeal to you, while in the light of day your perceptions may appear quite different, with new mysteries and unclearness, though equally enticing as during the moonlit encounters with that which has crossed your path.

I expect that over the next two or three days you will find yourselves in quite a tizzy. This is to be expected as the outer energy calls for such enticement and playful bantering. Yet do I suggest that you remain totally focused on growth, centered on balanced movement, heart knowing, and head thinking, aligned with progress of evolutionary growth.

Stay focused on reality, My Dears, though it may be difficult to determine what that means, as the definition of worlds begins to blur, as energies clearly define themselves as separate and then blur together, offering first one truth, then another, and then finally a third less clear one. The problems arise as you begin to feel confused by so many truths colliding at once, less clear now, less enticing, and less resonant as the days progress.

Allow for the flurry of activity to settle. Allow the heart to slow down. Allow the head to mollify and the physical self to gain balance, even as the outer energy continues to rev its engines and produce quite a lot of smoke. Once the smoke screen clears you will see where you are, and then you will know exactly what to do next.

Back down a little. Back away from the intensity of the pull created by the moon and the sun, the heart and the head, the clarity and the confusion. Back down and wait for the smoke to clear. Stay in balance. Do inner work. Be patient.

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