#611 You are Energetically in Charge

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today we begin a new work week after a few days of respite. Do you have a message of guidance for us?

My Dear Ones, I wish to begin by enticing you into reassessing your lives as an unfolding process, a project as yet unfinished, each day presenting a new element that may shore up the foundations of your energetic undercurrent. Each day are you presented with the next step in your process. Although that step may be bold and quite energetically charged, or quite subtle and barely noticed, so are you offered the guidance you need in your individual lives.

Look not too far from the self for what you need in your life. Look not too far into the future, too quickly desiring too much, or expecting only disaster or fault. Look not with impatience into your future, but with measured contentment, knowing that each day you are, without a doubt, being shown what to do next, where to go, how to approach your next assignment with life, knowing that you are indeed ready for what comes.

Do not doubt that you are fully capable of handling what comes to greet you as you arise, open your door, and step out into the energy of the new day. You are ready. You have prepared well for this day. You are strong, capable, ready, and eager for the next step in your life.

Move flowingly into the energy of this coming time. It too meets you with equivalent readiness, wishing to merge with your energy, to surround you with properties of attention and support, so that you may remain aware that you are energetically in charge.

Remain aware of this phenomenon as you begin a new day, My Dear Ones. Your energy, that inner self that you step out into the world with today, is fully in your control. Your inner energy may be humming nicely, or it may be nervous, excited, afraid, bold, or touchingly sensitive today. It may be sad, depressed or quite overwhelmed by the bigness of the events in your life, or daunted by the seeming inertia in the flow of your life. But I ask all of you, no matter what the state of your inner energy today, to be aware that it is attempting to guide you, to speak to you, to show you something, to point out to you where you truly need to go now. I ask that you do not push aside, cover over, or pretend away the inner energy of the self today. This inner energy is present so that you may use it, so that you may not only take note of it, but so that you may allow it to deeply guide you to acknowledgment of the issues of the self that you see reflected all around you.

Today is an inner day. Begin from this inner self. Stay connected to it as you throw your energy back out into the world of work, outer exploration, and challenge. Stay connected to this inner self, if even by a thin line of connection no bigger than a thread. Stay in touch with this inner energy of self, this place you feel, for it is the truth of where you are now. With it fully known, recognized, and embraced, accept this place of self as your foundation for your next step in life.

Where do you need to go next? This knowing self will guide your life. By your intent to flow with your life you will be shown where to go. Your challenge each day is to remain connected to this inner truth of self as you step out your door and meet the energy that comes to awaken and guide you. Greet it fully, trustingly, and with love and compassion for self and others in your heart.

Your challenges in life are indeed many, for that is how you grow. Good luck as you accept your next step forward. The energy awaits you!

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