#584 Use Awareness Whether Advancing or Backtracking

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Personally, I have felt the energy as you have described it this week. I felt it begin to shift on Wednesday and by Thursday, as you said, I did feel a distinct difference in mood and in focus. I am interested in continuing to notice it and use it to my advantage. What advice do you offer us today?

Tracking the outer energy is a good way of staying focused upon your own path, of maintaining awareness of that which is outside of you and how it affects you innerly. This is good awareness training and I highly recommend it, but I also caution that you not neglect what your own inner energy is telling you to do, at the same time that you study that which is outside of you. Today, I speak of maintaining your balance and holding onto that which you have been noticing and learning, retaining the ground you have gained as the energy continues to push you in a new direction.

Yes, the energy of now will continue to push, so you must be cognizant, at all times, of the choices you are being offered and investigate them based on what you have recently learned so that your decisions may be advancing ones rather than backtracking ones. Perhaps you have need to backtrack, and that is okay, but I suggest that, if you backtrack, you do so with awareness that you are choosing to do so, and that you are doing so in order to learn something. So, in the case of needing to backtrack: what are you looking for? What are you needing to learn? What does a replay need to show you that you have not yet fully comprehended? What must you go back and get that you have not gotten yet?

These questions, and many more of your own, must accompany you if you are to remain alert and aware as you trek back into old familiar territory. If you trek back into an old oblivion without awareness, what will you learn then? It will be valuable even without awareness, though even lessons in oblivion may not be growth-oriented, but simply lessons that must be stated again in order to offer you the same moment of shift that you have been offered repeatedly. Is this your case? Does your oblivion begin to sound like a broken record, speaking the same message that you have heard a hundred or a thousand times before? If so, I suggest that you make a concerted effort to shift the self so that record does not have to continue playing its well-worn message.

Ask the self to finally take the old message innerly and dissect it for its true meaning and offer the self a new direction. This requires action on your part. The energy of now will support you in your actions, if they are right for you to take. If they are the wrong actions and you take them anyway you will soon find that this is so and have a second or third opportunity to shift, so do not worry. The Universe, the spirit guides in your life, and the energy of growth are always available.

This shifts me over to speaking about the other option that this energy of now offers you as you enter a new phase and elect to proceed, based on the truth of your recent inner work rather than falling into the oblivion of old and backtrack. The backtracking route is fairly known, for all of you have done it many times over, while the advancing route is venturing into unknown territory. In choosing to advance you will want to be quite alert and ready to make decisions and take action in awareness, cognizant of where you have been, where you no longer wish to go, and what you are attempting to achieve in your life now, at this moment in time.

I suggest that there is good energy now for proceeding forward on a journey of change, but I also warn that trickery is abundant in all phases of energetic shift, so do not fall into complacency regarding your decisions, no matter how right they appear to be. You must always remain alert. Judge your actions on your previous experiences in life and remember what you have learned from them. Keep your eyes on the horizon, alert for what is ahead, but do not lose sight of where you have come from. For it is your past that holds the treasures of knowledge, while your future holds the enticements of lessons yet to come.

You, your present self, must bear the tension of these two dynamics in play, the pulls and dangers of the future and the pulls and lessons of the past. You, in your inner and outer worlds, must constantly weight and gauge your decisions based on all that makes up your world.

I send you off into the energy, reminding you that you are in charge. Stay connected to your true needs more than your tempting desires. For it is the true need that will guide you rightly, while the temptation may lead you astray. Stay connected to inner self. Stay connected to the energy inside you, but most of all stay connected to the magic that is all around you, showing you everything you need for this moment.

Look for the magic and you will begin to experience it more often. If you don’t look for it, you will not see it, and you will not have the benefits of it, for it does not seek you out. You must be ready for it. You must ask for it. You must grant your self permission to allow it into your life. And you must be ready to go where it will take you, into the unknown. Are you ready?

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