Capitalism: A Love Story

If you haven’t seen Capitalism yet we highly recommend it. As Chuck stated in his blog last Saturday on Youthful Folly:

Thank you Michael Moore. Not only have you made a movie of supreme importance and relevance to now, but, because you did it so well, I am freed to write about Youthful Folly rather than have to comment on current events that equally attracted my attention this week. We must become real students of the truth of our beloved America. Everyone, go and see Capitalism: A Love Story! Jan suggests that you bring tissues, lots of them. We traveled a bit to view this movie on its opening day. We thought we might enjoy dinner at our favorite city of Poughkeepsie restaurant, The Busy Bee Cafe, only to discover that, like Flint Michigan, Poughkeepsie reveals the true nature of reality in America: our favorite eatery was empty and boarded up! As we traveled north toward home we decided to stop at Sabroso in Rhinebeck, another favorite place, for delicious tapas. They get it right!

On a final note: Congratulations to President Barack Obama for receiving the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize!!!

Look for a new Saturday message from Chuck tomorrow. Hmm, I wonder what he’ll write about? Have a great weekend!
Jan and Chuck

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