#583 If You Can Envision It Then It Is Already Possible

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for humanity today?

I offer energy. I offer the guidance of synchronicity, of signs, of ideas for growth that may go far beyond what you normally consider part of your world. I ask you to think outside the box, to look outside your world, to imagine and then act upon something new and different, for only in reaching far beyond the world in front of you will you evolve.

I ask that you come out of your confinement, stick your head above the clouds, and take a fresh breath of air. I ask that you throw out a request for change in your life, allowing it to travel with true heartfelt intent. And then I ask you to pocket the other end of that intent and stay tethered to it as you return to your daily lives. Then watch and wait for the signs of doors opening, of new air blowing in to your stagnant lives, as if a window has opened too when you only opened the front door. With these openings you may begin to see options for change, simply because you are more open to them.

If you remain closed off, depressed, unable to move beyond your slump or place of stuckness, and no new air is allowed in, then neither will new life, new signs, new ideas be able to enter either. You are your abode. You are home base. You are the percolating body of activity in your life and from you will all things flow. But such flow, resulting in new experiences and new growth, will only happen if you venture to expose your self to new life and new ideas and experiences.

If you remain encapsulated then little will affect you or shift you, but if you determine that you truly desire more in life, then I urge you to be proactive for the self now. I have spoken already of the energy outside of you as being quite controlling, but you are fully capable of rising above it at any time, of pointing your arrow of hope and intent in any direction you choose, and shooting it out into the universe, keeping it tethered to you so that you may maintain a line of energetic attachment to the new energy it attaches to and attracts to you.

Place your prayers, your innermost desires to find purpose in your life upon that arrow as you fling it forward with open-hearted intent to grow now, asking for meaning in life, and for truth to be acceptable, so that you may fully live a new life.

As the energy tempers down you may be sure that you will feel a shift, but I challenge you to shift with it, to grow today, to move beyond your complacency and tackle that which holds you down so that you may move forward.

Life awaits! You will not know what it holds for you if you do not open your doors and windows and step outside and walk in a new direction, pushed forward by the energy behind you. Be amazed and you will encounter amazing things. Expect growth and you will grow. Expect magic at every breath and every step and you will encounter it. Find joy simply because it exists for you, and this you must expect too in order to tap into it. What is your truest desire in life? Go get it. If you can envision it, then it is already possible; it is already done. What are you waiting for?

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