#579 A Dangerous Drowsy Time & A Time to Remain Alert

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Would you give us an overall account of the energy outside of us and guidance pertaining to it?

My Dear Readers, as you may know, energy is cyclical. It repeats itself regularly, suggesting that it is advantageous to return to previously presented phenomena. Such is the case with the messages I impart. As you may notice, I also tend to repeat, presenting similar guidance from many angles and in words offering a slightly different perspective each time. This is the process of energetic learning that eventually leads to growth, for until you fully understand the lessons in life they will be presented again and again in many configurations and possible formats.

I speak of lessons in spiritual awakening. These lessons are aimed at your human evolution as well, as you learn what it means to be a caring compassionate being who is attempting to develop many skills, both to fulfill your human potential and your spiritual potential alike. How often do you truly remind your self that you are first and foremost a spiritual being? How often are your thoughts mostly centered on your spiritual evolution and your reason for living that life you now live?

I would hazard a guess that more often than not such thoughts are saved for special moments when you have time for such deep reverie. Most of the time your attention is focused on your outer world. This is the conundrum that life in human form offers you, but I also point out that everything presented to you in your human world is also pointing you to your spiritual self. This is why lessons must be repeated; this is why energy repeats itself; and this is why my messages repeat themselves quite regularly. You may notice slight differences in your outer life’s lessons, in the energy that you feel outside of you, and in your inner work as you evolve. This is so that you do not fall asleep in life. This is so that life remains vibrant and alerting, though sometimes it is necessary to wake you up a bit more forcefully as well.

So why do I go on about this repetition of life, the recycling of lessons and ideas? Well, My Dears, I do so for the simple reason that now is one of those times when you may fall into boredom as the energy shifts gradually into slumbering mode, as the energy assumes a quieter position rather than one of abruptness. This is a dangerous time for all humanity. It is a drowsy time, and such times carry danger for those who tend to fall asleep at the moment of darkness approaching.

In reality, this is a time of great need for awareness and preparation for the time ahead. It is a time to remain alert, in spite of the desire to fall asleep. It is a crucial time, for it mimics the moment of death when awareness of one world is rapidly waning and the new world is yet to be revealed. It is the in-between time when awareness must remain keen in order to be ready to make the right choices for evolution.

I advise contemplation of your outer life in preparation for the time ahead. I also advise equal contemplation be given to your inner work so that, hand in hand, your ego self in the world and your inner self may make good decisions based on what you have been learning about energy, about the inner self, the spirit self, and how the world outside of you works to point out the lessons you still must learn.

Do you feel stuck and unable to move beyond a certain point? I contend this is because there is something you have not properly attended to or learned yet, and so you will remain stuck, until you resolve this issue. Are you forgetful of your inner work, forgetful of your spiritual side? Well, I contend that you are most likely being offered many opportunities, daily, to return to its knowing abilities to guide you correctly.

As with all lessons so do they come with challenges that will test your ability to confront the status quo, the old voices, the old habits, and the objectionists in your self and in your life. Such challenges may be answered outwardly in common fashion, allowing you to be set up to continually encounter the same challenge again, or these challenges may be approached in a new, fresh fashion, truly different for you to make as the outer self, so controlled and submissive, yields to what is right at the time that it is right to do so.

I do not suggest turning the tables at a whim, but I do suggest that every decision you make in life, whether it be as small as what time to arise in the morning or what to eat for dinner, offers you the opportunity to listen to your inner self, your spirit self. This side of you may be quite daring, even more so than your outer self, as it urges you to make some changes each day of your life that are slightly out of the norm in preparation for greater, inevitable changes ahead.

Yes, I repeat once again, that as human beings you are destined to die. Are you preparing for this inevitable change ahead by teaching your self to remain spiritually connected, alert, aware, challenging the self to do something evolutionary every day, no matter how tiny? Dare the self to grow each day, no matter what energy approaches, no matter what lesson is being presented, no matter who appears to thwart you, or what attempts to hold you back. Pay attention to the repetition of lessons and guidance, and to the feel of the energy outside and inside.

This is how you will begin to understand your lessons. The next step, after recognizing that you are indeed being shown your challenges each day, is to dare the self to challenge them right back. Dare the self to act, react, and choose in a new manner. That is evolutionary work!

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