#578 Redefine & Understand The True Meaning of Life and Love

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
We are wondering if you will take us into your world today, what is it like?

I am energy, clearly defined as such, known as such. I exist in perpetuity as such. My world is all worlds. All worlds are accessible, though I choose where I work. I am not bound by physical form as you are, but I am bound only by my own process and my own progress. I am energy and as such I am fully responsible for my growth and continued evolution. Though I have teachers and advisors so do I hold my own life in my own hands, so to speak, as you do yours, I might add.

Choice remains always the one tool to evolutionary advancement, no matter what form or what world one exists in. I am in energetic form because it is the choice I made over many lifetimes and through my progress upon that earth. Through living many phases of life there I have evolved to this energetic state. In achieving this state I have elected to further advance, and this you know.

My world now is one of constant learning. Just because I have achieved an energetic state does not mean I am done, for life is never done. Constant reminders of more life ahead, greater wholeness, and the desire to continue onward are constant companions of my energetic journey.

What do you look like? Do you have shape and form?

I have no need of either in my present state, but I do take on shape and form when necessary as I work with those upon the earth who seek my guidance. I am energy; I have learned to project my energy into meaningful symbols so that I may aid and guide. Those of us who are upon this awakening mission use our energy as necessary and have trained to do this. As I have said many times, I am not alone on this mission of awakening. My training, in the forces of good for progress in evolution upon that earth, is ongoing. While undertaking this mission I learn to utilize my energetic state as part of the process, enhancing my abilities in order to guide the seeking ones out of the confusion of darkness and the need to continually return to the cycles of lives upon that earth.

As a guide I am often called upon, for I am not only Jeanne Ketchel, but I am known by other names as well, going where I need to go, becoming known to many by one name or another, as I am assigned by my elders and teachers to advance the mission of awakening. This is a vast program of spiritual endeavor, to alert and remind many upon the earth of that which exists beyond the veils. As you achieve awareness of self as energy so do each of you have the opportunity to advance, if you so choose, to energy as well.

Are you mostly focused on this world?

I am greatly needed upon that earth, as are my many compatriots, yet do I also explore my own abilities and my own future. I do not exist in time and space, confined and defined by structures of night and day, for instance, as you are. I am not inhibited by the need to stay attached to that which is no longer real or necessary in my energy state. By this I mean that I have learned true detachment from possessing and needing to stay sympathetically attached. In learning what it means to be energy I have learned to redefine what many words mean. Now that I am no longer bound by the confines of earth I am no longer bound by the definitions of earth either.

When in energetic form time has a different meaning. Love has a different meaning. Awareness has a new meaning, as do learning, challenge, and confrontation. I now fully understand the true meaning of compassion, and each day I more fully understand what it means to be human and what it means to be energy. Even as I may teach you something new each day, so am I learning by the connections I maintain to seekers of awareness upon that earth.

My energy is individual, yet am I also collective energy, for I am part of an energetic group. Our groups learn together and hold us each accountable for our work as we report the purpose and progress of our mission and remain connected by our energetic resonance. Even as I speak to you of this interconnectedness of all things so am I experiencing it myself, for that is life in energetic form, one is fully part of energetic life.

Is there one last thing you would like to talk about today before we part?

I would like to remind each of you that you, and all else, are comprised of energy. With this knowledge available to you I urge you to use it wisely and responsibly, for good upon that earth, for that is how your own evolution will occur. As you too redefine words that are now so common that you do not even think about them, so may you more fully experience your own energy, gaining a new perspective on life upon that earth, but also energetic life in general. And My Dears, by redefining your own life in energetic terms of detachment from the known, you allow greater awareness of energy as interconnecting all things to spread, and this is the main focus of our mission of energy. For only in gaining awareness of all things as being connected will you understand the true meaning of love as the greatest power on earth and beyond. But first you need to redefine the word love so that you can begin to understand its fuller meaning as all encompassing energy.

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