#580 Do You Choose to Flow with the Inevitable?

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

I wish to urge you all to accept the fact that change is inevitable; change is a certainty. Do you choose to acknowledge this and make this certainty work in your favor, or do you wish to stay embedded in your misery, digging your heels into the ground, fighting against it?

Do you choose to flow with the current, the energy of now that is here to support you, to push you along, but also to prove to you that the only way you will achieve your dreams, your goals, and your future prospects is to believe that change is indeed inevitable? Once you accept that change is a daily fact of life, and is going on continually, so do I urge you to envision your own changing life and your own changing self as on the right path, the right track, so that you may achieve a new place, more mature, evolved, and fulfilled.

This is your main challenge now, My Dear Readers, to determine if you are ready to become the mature, responsible, fulfilling, and acquiescent self that you so desire. In order to truly mature and grow you must acquiesce to the inevitable flow of life as it pushes constantly for change.

Change is good. Change is the energy that catapults you out of the doldrums and into new life. Look around you now at your own circumstances. Where are you being pushed to? What brink do you stand upon? What lies before you that you so fear and yet so desire? Where is your mature adult self now, as you stand and waffle upon the rim of choice and change and transformation?

I urge you today to bring forth your mature adult self, your responsible self, and allow this fearless, trusting, trustworthy, and brave self to envision your future and then step into the energy of it. Flow with the energy of your creation and the energy of change, for it is here to greet you. But you must dare to say yes to it, with sure knowing that it will lead you to fulfillment, with certainty, if you choose to acquiesce to its inevitable energy, knowing that your life is about to change, and this is good!

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