#579 A Dangerous Drowsy Time & A Time to Remain Alert

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Would you give us an overall account of the energy outside of us and guidance pertaining to it?

My Dear Readers, as you may know, energy is cyclical. It repeats itself regularly, suggesting that it is advantageous to return to previously presented phenomena. Such is the case with the messages I impart. As you may notice, I also tend to repeat, presenting similar guidance from many angles and in words offering a slightly different perspective each time. This is the process of energetic learning that eventually leads to growth, for until you fully understand the lessons in life they will be presented again and again in many configurations and possible formats.

I speak of lessons in spiritual awakening. These lessons are aimed at your human evolution as well, as you learn what it means to be a caring compassionate being who is attempting to develop many skills, both to fulfill your human potential and your spiritual potential alike. How often do you truly remind your self that you are first and foremost a spiritual being? How often are your thoughts mostly centered on your spiritual evolution and your reason for living that life you now live?

I would hazard a guess that more often than not such thoughts are saved for special moments when you have time for such deep reverie. Most of the time your attention is focused on your outer world. This is the conundrum that life in human form offers you, but I also point out that everything presented to you in your human world is also pointing you to your spiritual self. This is why lessons must be repeated; this is why energy repeats itself; and this is why my messages repeat themselves quite regularly. You may notice slight differences in your outer life’s lessons, in the energy that you feel outside of you, and in your inner work as you evolve. This is so that you do not fall asleep in life. This is so that life remains vibrant and alerting, though sometimes it is necessary to wake you up a bit more forcefully as well.

So why do I go on about this repetition of life, the recycling of lessons and ideas? Well, My Dears, I do so for the simple reason that now is one of those times when you may fall into boredom as the energy shifts gradually into slumbering mode, as the energy assumes a quieter position rather than one of abruptness. This is a dangerous time for all humanity. It is a drowsy time, and such times carry danger for those who tend to fall asleep at the moment of darkness approaching.

In reality, this is a time of great need for awareness and preparation for the time ahead. It is a time to remain alert, in spite of the desire to fall asleep. It is a crucial time, for it mimics the moment of death when awareness of one world is rapidly waning and the new world is yet to be revealed. It is the in-between time when awareness must remain keen in order to be ready to make the right choices for evolution.

I advise contemplation of your outer life in preparation for the time ahead. I also advise equal contemplation be given to your inner work so that, hand in hand, your ego self in the world and your inner self may make good decisions based on what you have been learning about energy, about the inner self, the spirit self, and how the world outside of you works to point out the lessons you still must learn.

Do you feel stuck and unable to move beyond a certain point? I contend this is because there is something you have not properly attended to or learned yet, and so you will remain stuck, until you resolve this issue. Are you forgetful of your inner work, forgetful of your spiritual side? Well, I contend that you are most likely being offered many opportunities, daily, to return to its knowing abilities to guide you correctly.

As with all lessons so do they come with challenges that will test your ability to confront the status quo, the old voices, the old habits, and the objectionists in your self and in your life. Such challenges may be answered outwardly in common fashion, allowing you to be set up to continually encounter the same challenge again, or these challenges may be approached in a new, fresh fashion, truly different for you to make as the outer self, so controlled and submissive, yields to what is right at the time that it is right to do so.

I do not suggest turning the tables at a whim, but I do suggest that every decision you make in life, whether it be as small as what time to arise in the morning or what to eat for dinner, offers you the opportunity to listen to your inner self, your spirit self. This side of you may be quite daring, even more so than your outer self, as it urges you to make some changes each day of your life that are slightly out of the norm in preparation for greater, inevitable changes ahead.

Yes, I repeat once again, that as human beings you are destined to die. Are you preparing for this inevitable change ahead by teaching your self to remain spiritually connected, alert, aware, challenging the self to do something evolutionary every day, no matter how tiny? Dare the self to grow each day, no matter what energy approaches, no matter what lesson is being presented, no matter who appears to thwart you, or what attempts to hold you back. Pay attention to the repetition of lessons and guidance, and to the feel of the energy outside and inside.

This is how you will begin to understand your lessons. The next step, after recognizing that you are indeed being shown your challenges each day, is to dare the self to challenge them right back. Dare the self to act, react, and choose in a new manner. That is evolutionary work!

#578 Redefine & Understand The True Meaning of Life and Love

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
We are wondering if you will take us into your world today, what is it like?

I am energy, clearly defined as such, known as such. I exist in perpetuity as such. My world is all worlds. All worlds are accessible, though I choose where I work. I am not bound by physical form as you are, but I am bound only by my own process and my own progress. I am energy and as such I am fully responsible for my growth and continued evolution. Though I have teachers and advisors so do I hold my own life in my own hands, so to speak, as you do yours, I might add.

Choice remains always the one tool to evolutionary advancement, no matter what form or what world one exists in. I am in energetic form because it is the choice I made over many lifetimes and through my progress upon that earth. Through living many phases of life there I have evolved to this energetic state. In achieving this state I have elected to further advance, and this you know.

My world now is one of constant learning. Just because I have achieved an energetic state does not mean I am done, for life is never done. Constant reminders of more life ahead, greater wholeness, and the desire to continue onward are constant companions of my energetic journey.

What do you look like? Do you have shape and form?

I have no need of either in my present state, but I do take on shape and form when necessary as I work with those upon the earth who seek my guidance. I am energy; I have learned to project my energy into meaningful symbols so that I may aid and guide. Those of us who are upon this awakening mission use our energy as necessary and have trained to do this. As I have said many times, I am not alone on this mission of awakening. My training, in the forces of good for progress in evolution upon that earth, is ongoing. While undertaking this mission I learn to utilize my energetic state as part of the process, enhancing my abilities in order to guide the seeking ones out of the confusion of darkness and the need to continually return to the cycles of lives upon that earth.

As a guide I am often called upon, for I am not only Jeanne Ketchel, but I am known by other names as well, going where I need to go, becoming known to many by one name or another, as I am assigned by my elders and teachers to advance the mission of awakening. This is a vast program of spiritual endeavor, to alert and remind many upon the earth of that which exists beyond the veils. As you achieve awareness of self as energy so do each of you have the opportunity to advance, if you so choose, to energy as well.

Are you mostly focused on this world?

I am greatly needed upon that earth, as are my many compatriots, yet do I also explore my own abilities and my own future. I do not exist in time and space, confined and defined by structures of night and day, for instance, as you are. I am not inhibited by the need to stay attached to that which is no longer real or necessary in my energy state. By this I mean that I have learned true detachment from possessing and needing to stay sympathetically attached. In learning what it means to be energy I have learned to redefine what many words mean. Now that I am no longer bound by the confines of earth I am no longer bound by the definitions of earth either.

When in energetic form time has a different meaning. Love has a different meaning. Awareness has a new meaning, as do learning, challenge, and confrontation. I now fully understand the true meaning of compassion, and each day I more fully understand what it means to be human and what it means to be energy. Even as I may teach you something new each day, so am I learning by the connections I maintain to seekers of awareness upon that earth.

My energy is individual, yet am I also collective energy, for I am part of an energetic group. Our groups learn together and hold us each accountable for our work as we report the purpose and progress of our mission and remain connected by our energetic resonance. Even as I speak to you of this interconnectedness of all things so am I experiencing it myself, for that is life in energetic form, one is fully part of energetic life.

Is there one last thing you would like to talk about today before we part?

I would like to remind each of you that you, and all else, are comprised of energy. With this knowledge available to you I urge you to use it wisely and responsibly, for good upon that earth, for that is how your own evolution will occur. As you too redefine words that are now so common that you do not even think about them, so may you more fully experience your own energy, gaining a new perspective on life upon that earth, but also energetic life in general. And My Dears, by redefining your own life in energetic terms of detachment from the known, you allow greater awareness of energy as interconnecting all things to spread, and this is the main focus of our mission of energy. For only in gaining awareness of all things as being connected will you understand the true meaning of love as the greatest power on earth and beyond. But first you need to redefine the word love so that you can begin to understand its fuller meaning as all encompassing energy.

#577 Chuck’s Place: The Real Value of The Red Book

Welcome to Chuck’s Place, where Chuck Ketchel expresses his thoughts, insights, and experiences! Many of the shamanic and psychological terms used in Chuck’s essays are defined in Tools & Definitions on our Psychotherapy website.

When I think about the upcoming publication of The Red Book I experience a warm tender glow inside my heart. Carl Jung’s deeply personal journey is being shared with the world, a journey that unearthed the structure and dynamics of the psyche, but most importantly offered modern man a path to both heal and realize the mission of his soul.

I must admit, seeing The Red Book as the Holy Grail and bringing it to New York City for public display at a museum before it returns to its vault beneath the earth in a Swiss bank is a bit bizarre to me. This projection of The Red Book as some kind of holy book or piece of art worthy of public display would make Jung cringe. His intent, I believe, in not destroying the book before he died was to offer it, at the right time, to a future generation to learn how to take the inner journey.

We live in a time of felt-powerlessness at the forces being enacted upon the world stage. “What can I do? How can I make a difference?” we ponder. “It is beyond me, it’s destiny, overwhelming,” and so we retreat. Now that’s a start. Perhaps we are gifted with a depression as well. This is nature calling us inward, inviting us to take the journey, to heal ourselves and heal the world. We are the world. The identical forces that rule the world operate within us. If we can discover, then own, then reckon and reconcile with them, then the world evolves.

The journey Jung took changed the world. Every individual in the world has the opportunity to take their own inner journey to heal themselves and heal the world. This is ultimate empowerment.

“Where is my inner terrorist, my inner abuser, tyrant, lover, mother, father, etc.? Who is in control? Who in the world can’t I stop thinking about, feeling about? Why?” We must search for the true meaning behind our compulsions. Compulsions are one language of the psyche. They connect us to reflections of our inner world.

Everything is meaningful. Of course we want to get rid of our depressions and compulsions that we might live calm productive, fulfilling lives, but if we simply chemically manipulate our neurotransmitters we fail to decipher our psyche’s communications and must suffer new symptoms, signs offered once again to lead us to meaning and healing.

Through Jung’s own inner journey, which is documented in The Red Book, we learn the art of active imagination, where we can consciously communicate with our psyche, whereby relieving our bodies of symptoms, and our psyches of compulsions, as we directly reconcile with the forces of our soul.

As usual, should anyone wish to write, I can be reached at: chuck@riverwalkerpress.com or feel free to post a comment.

Until we meet again,

#576 Think Differently & Shift Out of Your Perpetual Darkness

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

I urge you all, My Dear Ones, to seek always to maintain your awareness that you are on a journey. Look always for the reason why you are where you are now and for the significance of all that you encounter. To avoid getting stuck in your life turn your attention from your issues that bind you, and hold you stagnant, to why you are being confronted with those issues in the first place. What are you being shown? What are you supposed to learn and where should your focus be so that you can grow?

Taking a new perspective is quite an enlightening process that may at first seem impossible, but as you train your self to constantly turn your attention in a new direction of questioning you will discover that rather than remaining stagnant you will move! To move out of the old places, to go beyond where you have gone before is not really that challenging, but it does require a little daring to think differently, outside of the constructs you have been confined to for so long. In order to shift and negotiate through life more flowingly it is a good idea to allow the self a little freedom in thought.

I ask you all to consider thinking differently now, not only for the self but for the advancement of the world. To shift the self out of and away from the old broken records and the old rhetoric, played repeatedly, all you really need to do is turn off the old record and put on a new one. But don’t stop there! Continue offering the self more new records, a lot of new ideas, new thoughts, new mantras, and new perspectives. Think differently by forcing the self out of the old groove into something new.

Step lightly now rather than thudding down into a replica of your old life and your old manner of doing things. Prod the self to be more adventuresome, open, alert, and aware constantly that you are not seeking a replacement of the life that has become boring, unstable, undesirable, or downright distasteful, but you are looking for a totally new way to approach life, to live life, and to absorb life.

As you sit and read my words, I hope they invigorate your true inner desire to continually seek what life truly holds for you. You are not done with that life. There is so much more to learn and experience no matter what stage you are at or how satisfied you may be with your life. There is always so much more to explore and experience.

Are you hungry for change? Do you need a new life, a shift out of the doldrums? Do you need clarity on a situation? Are you avoiding the process that is now presented to you, that you know you must confront? Have you gone back into the shadows seeking that which you cannot find outside of you? Are you doing your inner work without fear, or are you caught because you fear your next step, yet you know it must be taken? Who is in control of your life, really?

As always, I turn you inward upon the self and ask you to investigate truthfully what is really going on inside you. And then I ask that you turn that truthful discovery outside of you and live it, so that you may grow and emerge out of your darkness. Turn inward and outward, outward and inward, always looking for the truth of the self, and once you discover the truth of the self do not sit upon it and keep it quiet in the old manner, but allow the truth to lead you where you must go next in order to shift out of your own perpetual darkness. Your darkness is signaling that you have work to do, but often you must bring it out into the light to see what it truly is, what it truly means, and what it is truly trying to tell you about the self.

Think differently about the self on this day of mediocrity and subtleness. Yet, at the same time, hold onto your awareness of the self as a true journeyer who looks constantly for the next handhold, the next foothold, and the next mindhold, so that your climb upon that earth may be made with conscious effort and conscious awareness that you are indeed climbing away from that which constantly pulls at you to go back to your old routines, your old thinking, your old life. You know full well that the past will follow you until you confront it, dig through it for its buried gems of truth, and take them with you, so do not be afraid of your own journey anymore.

This is my message for today, My Dear Ones. Do not be afraid to take your own journey with full awareness that everything in your path, past, present, and future, is meaningful and necessary. It is your choice what to do with this knowledge. Do you take it to heart and investigate your own life more fully, mining the gems that will allow for a different adventure, a different life, and continue your climb seeking yet more meaning each step of the way, or do you choose to sit among the rubble and weep, eternally depleted and lost? It is your choice alone.

In order to begin journeying in a new direction, in order to rethink your life, give your self a new outline, a new plan, a new view, a new perspective on all that you are confronted with, asking the self constantly: Who am I? And who am I meant to be?

#575 Planet Earth: A School of Energy

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
We are very aware of the energies of light and dark as they play out all around us. As we react to what is happening in the world outside of us we must all discover and reconcile similar dilemmas inside us for true change to happen both inside and outside. It seems that a turning away from inner work is occurring now with the use of cell phones, twitter, and texting, as they become preferable means of communication. People seem to constantly be looking for outside stimulation and oblivion, rather than think and feel deeply, or even allow themselves to clearly see the truths of the world and the subsequent reflection of those truths in themselves. Do you see this turning outward as detrimental, this desperate need to connect via technology as inhibiting spiritual growth and connection?

I like to use the technique of metaphor to teach and to point out the progress being made, for there is indeed progress and much energy of change now upon that earth. You must allow the growth of technological devices and scientific exploration to be acceptable means of change for the good. I know that you often prefer the inner road, for that has been your own means of communication, My Dear One, but the challenges for those of you who pursue the road to the bottom of the well of self is to not turn away from what is happening in the world outside of you. When I speak of interconnectedness and the path of energy as a means of affecting change, so do you see these ideas replicated in the world outside of you. That which happens without must be turned inward in order for true resolution of self, but you must also learn to turn the mirror in the opposite direction and see that the inner process is equally valid in its outer expression. You see, life is a two-way mirror.

What you are perceiving as detrimental outward expression is, in actuality, a process of learning what is meant by the interconnectedness of all things. Is not this process quite fantastic and full of opportunity for change? Does it not open so many doors that have previously been but impossible dreams? Can you not accept that through technology the world has become more known, less mysterious, and quite real?

At the same time that I do allow that technology and scientific advancement have a real place in evolution, I do caution against extensive outward seeking. For pleasure, insight, and resolution of true needs will not be met by such outward focuses alone. However, the true needs of the spirit may be greatly advanced by such ability to connect, to share, and to become active in a new world. The potential exists for both good and evil to advance with modern technological change and exploration, and this you cannot deny, but it is also capable of offering a clearer understanding of the world as an energy ground, a place for learning that all beings are comprised of energy, and this is its main educational focus.

The planet Earth is a School of Energy, and it is meant to teach you what energy truly means. By duplicating energy through electronic means mankind is attempting to recreate what is at the core of life itself, to create perpetual life, in immortal form, the ultimate attempt to remain alive. Only in death does he discover that he already exists in perpetuity and that his attempts to leave his mark in this manner do not matter once he achieves this understanding of self.

I address your question with this advice: do not fear the loss of connection with the inner work you so treasure and wish for others to discover, for the inner self remains present no matter what is happening outside in the world. The inner self is the one who is always available and ready to be recognized and brought into life as true companion upon that journey.

Earthbound and outwardly directed though mankind may appear at this point in time, so will he be turned inward when necessary, for he will not have but this one choice in order to truly live and truly evolve. All beings upon that earth will have to turn inward. Though they may refuse the call for many years of their lives, so does the inner self remind them of its presence quite often throughout life. Even a lifetime lived extrovertedly hungry for all that the world offers points to the inner needs daily, and though the signs may be disregarded for a long time, the inner self is quite relentless and unyielding in its quest for resolution and recognition of its rightful place.

All worlds are one world, and this is the metaphorical picture that is new being expressed and discovered upon that earth. The advances in communication are part of this revelation, along with the exploration of the true power of energy to do the job it is meant to do, to unite all mankind and truly show that all are comprised of energy, all are equal, equivalent to the call of energy as diffuser, as distiller, as the ultimate metaphor for all things upon that earth.

In order to truly advance, energy must be understood as existing in all things, making all things not only possible, but probable as well. There is much still to be learned and explored as regards energy, but ultimately mankind will learn the lessons of what it truly means. It takes balance of inner and outer self, working within both worlds, to constantly maintain a steady level of current so that the mysteries of life may be revealed when you are each ready to receive them, by whatever means suits you best.