#575 Planet Earth: A School of Energy

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
We are very aware of the energies of light and dark as they play out all around us. As we react to what is happening in the world outside of us we must all discover and reconcile similar dilemmas inside us for true change to happen both inside and outside. It seems that a turning away from inner work is occurring now with the use of cell phones, twitter, and texting, as they become preferable means of communication. People seem to constantly be looking for outside stimulation and oblivion, rather than think and feel deeply, or even allow themselves to clearly see the truths of the world and the subsequent reflection of those truths in themselves. Do you see this turning outward as detrimental, this desperate need to connect via technology as inhibiting spiritual growth and connection?

I like to use the technique of metaphor to teach and to point out the progress being made, for there is indeed progress and much energy of change now upon that earth. You must allow the growth of technological devices and scientific exploration to be acceptable means of change for the good. I know that you often prefer the inner road, for that has been your own means of communication, My Dear One, but the challenges for those of you who pursue the road to the bottom of the well of self is to not turn away from what is happening in the world outside of you. When I speak of interconnectedness and the path of energy as a means of affecting change, so do you see these ideas replicated in the world outside of you. That which happens without must be turned inward in order for true resolution of self, but you must also learn to turn the mirror in the opposite direction and see that the inner process is equally valid in its outer expression. You see, life is a two-way mirror.

What you are perceiving as detrimental outward expression is, in actuality, a process of learning what is meant by the interconnectedness of all things. Is not this process quite fantastic and full of opportunity for change? Does it not open so many doors that have previously been but impossible dreams? Can you not accept that through technology the world has become more known, less mysterious, and quite real?

At the same time that I do allow that technology and scientific advancement have a real place in evolution, I do caution against extensive outward seeking. For pleasure, insight, and resolution of true needs will not be met by such outward focuses alone. However, the true needs of the spirit may be greatly advanced by such ability to connect, to share, and to become active in a new world. The potential exists for both good and evil to advance with modern technological change and exploration, and this you cannot deny, but it is also capable of offering a clearer understanding of the world as an energy ground, a place for learning that all beings are comprised of energy, and this is its main educational focus.

The planet Earth is a School of Energy, and it is meant to teach you what energy truly means. By duplicating energy through electronic means mankind is attempting to recreate what is at the core of life itself, to create perpetual life, in immortal form, the ultimate attempt to remain alive. Only in death does he discover that he already exists in perpetuity and that his attempts to leave his mark in this manner do not matter once he achieves this understanding of self.

I address your question with this advice: do not fear the loss of connection with the inner work you so treasure and wish for others to discover, for the inner self remains present no matter what is happening outside in the world. The inner self is the one who is always available and ready to be recognized and brought into life as true companion upon that journey.

Earthbound and outwardly directed though mankind may appear at this point in time, so will he be turned inward when necessary, for he will not have but this one choice in order to truly live and truly evolve. All beings upon that earth will have to turn inward. Though they may refuse the call for many years of their lives, so does the inner self remind them of its presence quite often throughout life. Even a lifetime lived extrovertedly hungry for all that the world offers points to the inner needs daily, and though the signs may be disregarded for a long time, the inner self is quite relentless and unyielding in its quest for resolution and recognition of its rightful place.

All worlds are one world, and this is the metaphorical picture that is new being expressed and discovered upon that earth. The advances in communication are part of this revelation, along with the exploration of the true power of energy to do the job it is meant to do, to unite all mankind and truly show that all are comprised of energy, all are equal, equivalent to the call of energy as diffuser, as distiller, as the ultimate metaphor for all things upon that earth.

In order to truly advance, energy must be understood as existing in all things, making all things not only possible, but probable as well. There is much still to be learned and explored as regards energy, but ultimately mankind will learn the lessons of what it truly means. It takes balance of inner and outer self, working within both worlds, to constantly maintain a steady level of current so that the mysteries of life may be revealed when you are each ready to receive them, by whatever means suits you best.

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