#576 Think Differently & Shift Out of Your Perpetual Darkness

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

I urge you all, My Dear Ones, to seek always to maintain your awareness that you are on a journey. Look always for the reason why you are where you are now and for the significance of all that you encounter. To avoid getting stuck in your life turn your attention from your issues that bind you, and hold you stagnant, to why you are being confronted with those issues in the first place. What are you being shown? What are you supposed to learn and where should your focus be so that you can grow?

Taking a new perspective is quite an enlightening process that may at first seem impossible, but as you train your self to constantly turn your attention in a new direction of questioning you will discover that rather than remaining stagnant you will move! To move out of the old places, to go beyond where you have gone before is not really that challenging, but it does require a little daring to think differently, outside of the constructs you have been confined to for so long. In order to shift and negotiate through life more flowingly it is a good idea to allow the self a little freedom in thought.

I ask you all to consider thinking differently now, not only for the self but for the advancement of the world. To shift the self out of and away from the old broken records and the old rhetoric, played repeatedly, all you really need to do is turn off the old record and put on a new one. But don’t stop there! Continue offering the self more new records, a lot of new ideas, new thoughts, new mantras, and new perspectives. Think differently by forcing the self out of the old groove into something new.

Step lightly now rather than thudding down into a replica of your old life and your old manner of doing things. Prod the self to be more adventuresome, open, alert, and aware constantly that you are not seeking a replacement of the life that has become boring, unstable, undesirable, or downright distasteful, but you are looking for a totally new way to approach life, to live life, and to absorb life.

As you sit and read my words, I hope they invigorate your true inner desire to continually seek what life truly holds for you. You are not done with that life. There is so much more to learn and experience no matter what stage you are at or how satisfied you may be with your life. There is always so much more to explore and experience.

Are you hungry for change? Do you need a new life, a shift out of the doldrums? Do you need clarity on a situation? Are you avoiding the process that is now presented to you, that you know you must confront? Have you gone back into the shadows seeking that which you cannot find outside of you? Are you doing your inner work without fear, or are you caught because you fear your next step, yet you know it must be taken? Who is in control of your life, really?

As always, I turn you inward upon the self and ask you to investigate truthfully what is really going on inside you. And then I ask that you turn that truthful discovery outside of you and live it, so that you may grow and emerge out of your darkness. Turn inward and outward, outward and inward, always looking for the truth of the self, and once you discover the truth of the self do not sit upon it and keep it quiet in the old manner, but allow the truth to lead you where you must go next in order to shift out of your own perpetual darkness. Your darkness is signaling that you have work to do, but often you must bring it out into the light to see what it truly is, what it truly means, and what it is truly trying to tell you about the self.

Think differently about the self on this day of mediocrity and subtleness. Yet, at the same time, hold onto your awareness of the self as a true journeyer who looks constantly for the next handhold, the next foothold, and the next mindhold, so that your climb upon that earth may be made with conscious effort and conscious awareness that you are indeed climbing away from that which constantly pulls at you to go back to your old routines, your old thinking, your old life. You know full well that the past will follow you until you confront it, dig through it for its buried gems of truth, and take them with you, so do not be afraid of your own journey anymore.

This is my message for today, My Dear Ones. Do not be afraid to take your own journey with full awareness that everything in your path, past, present, and future, is meaningful and necessary. It is your choice what to do with this knowledge. Do you take it to heart and investigate your own life more fully, mining the gems that will allow for a different adventure, a different life, and continue your climb seeking yet more meaning each step of the way, or do you choose to sit among the rubble and weep, eternally depleted and lost? It is your choice alone.

In order to begin journeying in a new direction, in order to rethink your life, give your self a new outline, a new plan, a new view, a new perspective on all that you are confronted with, asking the self constantly: Who am I? And who am I meant to be?

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