#563 Infinite Awareness & Knowing

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
I have intuitively known that when I connect with you I really am connecting with Jeanne Ketchel, the person you were in your last life. Since 2002, when you first showed yourself to me in energetic form, I have noticed an evolution in you as you have related your process of growth on different levels. Often I have heard your laugh, a very distinct one that I instantly recognized when watching a video tape of you as a young girl with your adult voiceover comments, remarks, and laughter. I have also come to know you, through our channeling times, as instantly energetically recognizable. When I connect with other beings the process is not as smooth and flowing as when we are engaged, and I immediately sense different energy than yours.

Chuck has been re-reading Jung’s memoir, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, and although we understand that Jung certainly channeled, his descriptions of his process are often cloaked, as if he were afraid to boldly admit it. It is, however, quite clear that he channeled, even though he prefers to refer to the sources he interacts with as coming from the “collective unconscious,” within himself. It is still a mysterious process for me at times, as I know it is for others, but I would not dismiss it or cease engaging in it because of doubt or uncertainty. Once begun it becomes almost an invaluable necessity, regardless of where the information is coming from.

Jung suspected that at least two of the sources he contacted remained in a sort of timeless limbo when he was not interacting with them. It was only when he questioned them that they awakened and learned anything; in between contacts nothing happened in their world, nor did they evolve, as if they needed his energy in order to exist. To contrast that, I know that you have been evolving independently of our connection, that you have said you are learning all the time.

My first question is: Am I really connecting with you, who I have actually seen and felt in my presence, who Chuck has seen and felt, and who I feel energetically connected to, or am I dipping into the impersonal collective unconscious, as Jung contends? Secondly, are you able to continue growing without human contact; are the dead continually evolving, or do you need human connection in order to learn and grow, as Jung also contends? I hear your laughter as I pose these questions, so that is my third question: Is your identifying laughter also available through the collective unconscious and do we all have access to everything in this so-defined “collective unconscious?”

My Dear Jan, these are quite interesting questions! Do you doubt still that it is I you speak so closely with? Our process together has certainly been evolving as we have both learned how to communicate and how to translate into words what we are experiencing.

No, I do not doubt, I merely question.

I learn as you learn. We do help each other. As I evolve so do you evolve and vice versa, but I am not dependent on you nor are you upon me. The process of stagnation that Jung interpreted as lack of growth may relate to the different levels of awareness that must be interacted with by us in energy form in order for growth and evolution to take place. Each of us stays at each level as long as is necessary before moving on or reincarnating into new life. The dead are not slumbering in timelessness per se, for although we no longer inhabit the physical we are very much alive. This you know, for we have constantly talked about being pure energy, that which you are and that which I am as well. Our Dear Jung was learning what this meant, as well, and would contend that it is true even now. As energy we are all able to enter other worlds and other times. Timelessness does not exist as an absence of time, but as all time now. All time is now means the co-existence of everything that ever was and ever will be. This is what you access, and others access while channeling or traveling out of the physical body. This is why I say that everything is possible. If everything exists simultaneously then everything is quite possible! Perhaps this is what Jung referred to as the collective unconscious, a timeless mix of everything constantly in motion, in energetic motion.

Many are beginning to understand this now. Many are allowing for the possibilities that have often been stated by the mystics and that many of you upon that earth naturally accept as quite normal. The teachings that come to you from myself and others are part of this awakening to the truth of energy, the great force that exists in you and around you, in everything you see and everything you cannot yet see.

So, to more fully answer your first question: yes, you are truly connecting with me and it is my laughter as well. At this very moment my energy is in alignment with yours. When we are not so directly connected and as you go about your day so do I go about mine, energetically speaking. You are learning about being an energy being while in the physical body, as I once did. I am learning about being an energy being in an energy body at all times, and I have many adventures, experiences, and processes separate from attachment to those of you upon that earth. When I contend that as you grow we grow, and vice versa, I am relating that as you human beings evolve, the energy now spent in teaching you is freed up for us to do other things. (See NOTE below.) For there is much work to do in the process of awakening and continual evolution. This, I believe, answers your second question?

Yes, it does. Now what about the Jungian term collective unconscious? How would you describe that, or perhaps you already have by your descriptions of energy and timelessness?

The collective unconscious, Jung’s term for awareness of everything and the knowing that is achievable is fitting, yet is it also limiting in its definition, as understood by many, for such awareness and knowing are not finite. How can you define infinity, endless and timeless as it is? Infinity is perhaps a better term than collective unconscious, for it holds no barriers to either imagination or thought processes. It is infinite awareness and knowing, which all have access to.

So you, My Dear One and Chuck, have experienced me in my infinite state of energy, in visual and emotional energy forms. This is not at all uncommon and, as you know, Carl Jung himself had quite a lot of experiences with infinite energy as well. Our job at this point, as energy beings, is to aid you, those who remain in physical human form at this time, in accepting the paranormal as quite normal parallel world states, available to you as you continue to break through the construction barriers blocking your energetic view. Beyond those barriers, those beliefs that such things are impossible, frightening, abnormal, or that you are crazy, lie the truths of energy, of everything as energy, infinitely available, now, as we speak and communicate.

I wish for energy to be experienced by all, with acceptance of the truth of it. For only in allowing the self to accept the occurrences of energy as part of true reality will you, more fully, gain trust in what I speak of. One day, you will leave that human body and more fully gain the knowledge that now remains somewhat mysterious. Be brave my young energy beings. Though you have lived many lives your process has continually been a learning process and that is what you must remain always aware of, you are learning about true life; life as energy.

Keep always in mind that everything exists. Everything is meaningful. Everything is possible. You are everything, as well, because as energy beings you have access to everything. Keep training your awareness. Keep testing your every hypothesis. Keep teaching your self what it means to be energy. Keep seeking connection.

Thank you.

NOTE: Jeanne has talked about this before when describing the mission of her soul group. She goes into it in more depth in some earlier messages that are contained in the second half of The Book of Us.

#562 Chuck’s Place: The Impossible Dream?

Welcome to Chuck’s Place, where Chuck Ketchel expresses his thoughts, insights, and experiences! Many of the shamanic and psychological terms used in Chuck’s essays are defined in Tools & Definitions on our Psychotherapy website.

For me, as a young boy, the election of John F. Kennedy represented the possibility of real change. His election ushered in the dream of the sixties, a possibility fully realized now with the election of Barack Obama. Kennedy brothers John and Robert were early martyrs of the winds of change. I was struck with awe last night, as I listened in tears to all the accomplishments of their brother Edward who was left to manifest the dream through concrete actions.

As I watched speaker after speaker, in rapid succession, share their heartfelt anecdotes I noticed that even at this solemn occasion we were afforded not a moment to catch our breaths and feel the fullness of our inner reactions to the stories being told. I am reminded of Jung’s comments in a letter to his wife a century ago on his own trip to Boston. “Our time is dreadfully crammed. The Americans are real masters at that; they hardly leave one time to catch ones breath…I am looking forward enormously to getting back to the sea again, where the overstimulated psyche can recover in the presence of that infinite peace and spaciousness. Here one is in an almost constant whirlwind.”* Four days later in another letter he reflects: “As far as technological culture is concerned, we lag miles behind America. But all that is frightfully costly and already carries the germ of the end in itself.”**

That germ of the end Jung intuited I see matured in our all-encompassing need for technology to provide us with instant connection. In my own informal survey I see more drivers on cell phones than not. When I walk the streets I observe at least fifty percent of people, either alone or accompanied by others, on cell phones. The burning need for instant connection has made even voice mail obsolete as texting, whether driving or not, has supplanted listening to “ancient” messages. This obsession with connection has deeply disconnected us from the fullness of our selves. We are alienated from our dreams, from our natures, from our deepest selves, which we are left to encounter in fragmented projected rapid-fire moments in the outer world as we stop not to listen to our beleaguered inner voices.

This is the value of Jeanne’s message. Hers is the call to turn inward, to discover and trust the inner self, the truest traveling companion for this journey. She coaches as well in the art of connection through accessing our selves as energy beings, interconnected in a world of energy.

This, I believe, is the next step in the realization of the dream: the inward turn and the experience of energetic interconnectedness. Let us view our technological gems as symbols of our spiritual longing and answer instead the inner call for connection. Like the Kennedys, we are charged with making what appears impossible a possible dream.

As usual, should anyone wish to write, I can be reached at: chuck@riverwalkerpress.com or feel free to post a comment.

Until we meet again,

* C. G. Jung: Memories, Dreams, Reflections p. 367-368.
**Ibid: p. 368.

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#561 Constantly Weed Your Inner Garden

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Energetically speaking, pay attention to what is happening inside you as you go about your day. Pay attention to your reactions, judgments, feelings, emotions, and the physical manifestations of the issues that own you. Allow that which transpires outside of you to lead you constantly back into the self, requesting contemplation of the self, by the self, and for the self.

This is a good time to gain clarity on your own issues still unresolved, those that crop up over and over again, like weeds in the garden. Constant weeding of your garden will produce a beautiful result. Learn how the weeds creep in and attack the vital plants that you have tended so carefully, seeking sustenance that does not belong to them.

I use the metaphor of a garden today because each of you is fertile ground upon which beauty and sustenance may flourish if properly nurtured and cared for. Your gardens do grow best when well tended. Liken the self to whatever type of garden you most often visualize. Perhaps you are a flower garden, an herb garden, a vegetable garden, or an exotic sculpture garden, or the simplest of paths upon the ground.

Perhaps your garden self requires much attention and nurturance or perhaps your garden is, at this time in your life, well prepared and self-sustaining. No matter what type of garden self you are, or attain to be, so must you always pay attention to the needs of the garden self, for nothing but weeds may grow if left unattended.

Pay attention today to your garden. Ascertain what is most necessary to accomplish in order to keep a flourishing and bountiful self. Determine what nourishment and care are necessary, as you reflect upon this garden self that is mirrored by the outer world, as you pay attention to the busyness of the world in relationship to your inner work.

It is a time of inner work, a time of cultivation, assessment, self-study, and contemplation. Only in deeper connection to the self will you discover what gardening methods are best for the self and what fertilizer is required for continual growth. Even when the growing season wanes, a garden must be tended and prepared for constant inner work, for even in dormancy the garden still lives. Pay attention to this garden self as the outer energy continues to reveal and guide, as it continues to point out the issues of the self and the challenges that must be attended to as you continually nurture and grow.