#560 The In-Between Time

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Today a reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
I am currently at the hospital where my Mom has been in critical condition for two weeks now. Most of the time she is sleeping, waking only occasionally when it seems she is in pain or to reach for my hand. It seems like her spirit is still strong, yet her body is struggling for every breath. As I am sitting here next to her, I am terrified for that moment when she will stop breathing and, at the same time, wanting her not to “suffer” any longer. I do believe that we choose the moments of our birth and death, but I am haunted by the question as to why we would choose to continue like this. Also, I wonder where her spirit is at this time. There have been times when I feel like I am communicating with her outside her body, then I wonder if I am hallucinating or something.

Thank you always for your gifts of love and continued guidance.

Thank you Jan and Chuck too.


My Dear One, you describe the in-between state quite well in your question. This can be a lengthy process as the moment of death is awaited by the recipient and those who are left to ponder. Death comes at the right time, at the moment when it is most necessary, but also at the moment that has, indeed, been predetermined, for we do all choose our moment, as you propose. However, how we reach that moment and in what condition we live out our last breaths are determined by how we have chosen to live our lives. So you see, though we choose our lives upon that earth, we also choose many scenarios and give ourselves many options in which to choose enlightenment and evolution. To determine the outcome of our lifetimes we must gain awareness of something greater, beyond ourselves, and this process takes place right up to the moment of our death.

Your mother now lies upon the shores of new life, waiting for her time in one life to end, finalized as she has chosen to complete it, and yet is she also aware of new life to come. In this in-between stage of existence one is open to experiences and aware, in a vague and dreamy way, of two worlds. This is the time of shift, a nebulous time of awareness of two worlds, so one is both present and absent, in body and out of body, in conscious state and in unconscious state. But do not take that to mean lack of awareness, for awareness at this time is both waning and awakening.

Awareness of the world that you, My Dear Debbie, exist in is waning for your mother, who knows of your presence as an engaging spirit, connected for many lives, holding historical data shared by the two of you, yet awareness of your present world has already ceased to be important to her. It is the connection to energy of that world that now holds her to you; her hand reaching out to you in energetic awareness of the world that she is leaving. Her energy body is seeking new awareness as she lies upon the shore, on the edge of a new sea of awareness, the waves gently lapping, inviting her to remember this other world, this other awareness where she has been many times before in energetic form.

If she appears out of body and holds you in her gaze with loving tenderness, or distant remoteness and detachment, do not ponder your own state, for you are not hallucinating or in distress of mental breakdown but, in fact, being invited by her to experience the glory of the disembodied state, the energy state. You cannot deny that its energy is interesting to you, though your rationality wishes to dismiss it.

Allow your self to have the experiences that you receive, for they are gifts from a mother who has not had an opportunity to give you anything that is so meaningful for your future. Although the past is not her intention at this point, you must find a way to attend to her present and future selves for your own resolution. As you watch, wait, and experience your mother’s passing be aware that you are in the presence of transforming energy as it seeks both release and relief in one world and new awareness and new life in another world.

The in-between time is full of interesting tidbits of information for both the waning one and the waiting one. Use your own awareness to understand the questions you pose today, for only in your own experiences will you fully grasp what is being enacted and intended for both you and your family in the presence of transformational energy. Each of you who are present will have a different experience, though each of you must seek to discover what your own lesson is.

What are you being shown by this woman you call mom? What is she showing you alone, for others may not see the same things you see and experience? What is her present state that she seeks to show you, and why does she do this now, at the hour of her death?

You are present at the moment of catalyst. Why? Hold onto your own awareness of two worlds, My Dear Debbie, as you are also in-between now, available to experience two worlds, being shown energetic awareness as it manifests in its many possible forms. Look for energy and you will find clarity. This is also your mother’s process, to look for her own resonant energy, to maintain her awareness of self as energy, and to allow her process to continue, as she holds onto knowledge of her own lessons learned in one life while grasping at what are necessary lessons in new life.

One life does determine the next life. It does determine the process of the in-between state and the process of the time between lives as well. Each life is significant. Each life is fulfilling. Each life is evolutionary. Do not judge another’s journey, but be open to the profound significance of energy as it travels now onward, gratifying it freedom to move on, releasing it to its future.

All life is future life, even as the past must be reviewed, assimilated, and gained perspective on. Even as resolution and acceptance must be gained regarding a life lived, so are the final moments doors of awareness that new life awaits.

I hope my answers and my guidance will open your own doors of awareness as you are granted access to the transformational energy that resides in the body and out of the body of this woman who is, and once was, your mother. Now it is time for you to understand what “mother” means in your present life as she goes into new life, at the moment of her grand transfusion of energy from one state to another, as simply enacted as a slipping away into the waves of awareness as they draw her further from the shores of two worlds and into her new life of awareness in another world.

Her spirit is in her energy and in the choices she has made and now makes. Let her have her experiences, as you also now accept your own experiences of her as an energy being. Watch her closely, with your own energy being, and beware of the conjuring mind, which will seek always to detach from such energy experiences. Stay connected.

#559 That Which is Not Seen Exists Nonetheless

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Consciousness must now reach a peak of awareness that is unprecedented, both on an individual and a collective level. By this I mean that, in order for progress to be made on an energetic level, awareness of everything as energy must be promulgated and become a defining factor in how people live, think, and relate.

In order for energetic awareness to grow, each one of you is responsible for using your expertise on the subject more thoroughly in your lives. Live as an example of an aware being, bringing wholeness into your own life, becoming more attuned, each day, to what it means to become an energetic being.

As you have recently been experiencing the outer energy, as either disruptive or challenging, so have you been learning how to flow with it. You may notice, each day, that your own place upon that earth is more clearly defined and solidly held in a place of energetic connection. How can you not notice that as the outer energy appears your inner world must constantly shift in order to accommodate it? This is wonderful training and it behooves you all to see it as such, rather than be disturbed by it or consider it non-conducive to growth.

Today is a day of shift, slight though it may be. You may notice something different in the energy around you and the people you encounter, and although it may be difficult to explain, or put a finger on, your awareness alone will allow you to accept the fact that, energetically speaking, you are being shown exactly what you need to learn.

You are learning that energy is in constant flux and that if you acknowledge that life is a time of learning and growth, with very specific lessons for each individual to learn and evolve from, then your awareness will always be ready to further accept what each day brings. So today, the first thing to accept is the inevitability of life continuing on its course, seeking always growth and awareness. That is what your life’s journey is attempting to alert each one of you to. Secondly, your lessons are always present whether the energy is forceful and outerly annoying, as it has been, or more subtly present, simply a gentle wave upon the shore of your life.

Watch the energy as you would watch the waves coming upon the shore. Notice what is riding in upon the water, what is present upon the horizon, and be aware of what lies beneath the surface, unseen, yet felt nonetheless.

That is the lesson for today, My Dears. Keep your awareness in tune. Remain in a heightened state of energetic life, for that is what life is all about: being energy, feeling energy, reading energy, aware of energy for its true meaning as guide, teacher, and evolutionary fuel. Good Luck!

Thought this may appear to be a rather vague day, do not be fooled by its seemingly calm surface. As I said: that which is not seen exists nonetheless.

#558 Chuck’s Place: Detachment in Action

Welcome to Chuck’s Place, where Chuck Ketchel expresses his thoughts, insights, and experiences! Many of the shamanic and psychological terms used in Chuck’s essays are defined in Tools & Definitions on our Psychotherapy website.

In the flow of everyday life we encounter countless opportunities to spend our energy, a virtual walk through the mall. The merchants surround us in the outer world as well as beckon from within. Each merchant has a sales pitch. Some are extremely enticing and clever, while others are downright seductive and hypnotic. Our challenge is to continually emerge from the hypnotic spells cast from both without and within and stay steady consumers of the truth. This is detachment in action.

Awakening in the night, I am greeted by the Merchant of Offense: a landlord is screwing me out of a security deposit. This merchant entices my energy to explode in anger, constructing a powerful vignette, inviting obsession and an inability to return to sleep. Tossing and turning, I am further enticed to feel sorry for myself, to be frustrated in perpetual victimland. I pause in my restlessness and ponder: Where have I known this landlord before? Have I ever been in the place of taking what is not mine, or of trying to hide from the truth, rationalizing an action to benefit myself? Yes, I can clearly own that landlord’s actions in myself.

I can feel compassion for his fear that he must take what isn’t his in order to feel safe. There is nothing to forgive. I have not been wronged. It is not about me. I can be thankful to be reminded of a place I have been and perhaps am still, at times, tempted to occupy. I can withdraw here the projection of shadow with its compulsive energy fixation. We are no different; I become energetically indifferent, neutral.

Everything within me is outside of me as well. Infinity is within and without. I need not exclude anything I encounter from residing in me. And so, I have compassion for the landlord consumed with greed. I will take the available actions to challenge his behavior, but I invest no energy in the outcome. What is important is that I meet the challenge, consume the truth, and align with right action. However, I release myself completely from an energetic construction that beckons me to attach: “I have been screwed. I can’t allow this…blah, blah, blah…” Instead, I am appreciative for this opportunity to hone my awareness and stay present to greet oncoming time.

I pull my energy back into calmness, preparing to return to sleep. I detach my energy from a draining construction of reality, which could consume the rest of the night and much of the following day. I am thankful for this opportunity to know myself better. I return to sleep and rejuvenation, preparing for the energetic lessons of a new day. But first, I toss and turn a few more times in my humanness!

As usual, should anyone wish to write, I can be reached at: chuck@riverwalkerpress.com

Until we meet again,

#557 A Time of Searching for Identity

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
It has been a busy week, energetically charged. What message and guidance do you have for us all as we go into the weekend?

Continue to hold your own, so to speak. Continue to hold your light within, your candle of calm steady self-induced and centered awareness. Continue to be aware that your own steadiness and detachment are most necessary now, even though you may be pulled outward and sought for your qualities of availability, and because you are the answer to so many other people’s worries and problems. You are not meant to carry that which is not your burden, but you will not recognize what is not your burden until you discover what your own true burdens are, based on what is projected upon you.

Before dismissing the energetic drains, and those who seek your attention, investigate the projective field as it is presented. Question the self as to the needs of others and reflect upon a similar need in the self. Do not judge others too harshly, nor push them away with abandon, but look at each situation that arises for the lessons it teaches you. Each interaction and event in your life is meaningful. Your quest through life is to discover the meaning of everything as related to the self and to take the proper steps to grow as a result of fully understanding and owning each challenge.

My contention is that, at each step, you will find resolution by taking into consideration these points when you are confronted with a problem, dilemma, or any issue that requires your attention and help:

1. First, step back in calmness and assess the situation. This is the first moment of detachment in order to get to a place of…

2. clarity, so that you may truly understand the severity of the issue and the necessity of your involvement so that the next step may be…

3. either correct right action, if called for, or further detachment, if called for. Both of these actions must be accompanied by heart-centered knowing so that…

4. true loving compassion may be part of your right action or your detachment. This will lead to…

5. certainty that you have handled your challenge with a true knowing of the place of self as guide to both self and the other, or others, who seek your attention.

6. With true knowing comes clarity of purpose as you begin to see how your role in life develops based on the challenges presented, how you choose to act and react, and how your actions are received by others. This will lead to…

7. deeper understanding of the projective field and deeper understanding of the self and the roles of others in your lives. By gaining deeper understanding of the projective field you will gain…

8. greater awareness of the meaning of every task, challenge, event, and disturbance in your life, as well as the deeper meaning of everything that is lovely, desirable, necessary, and easily accessible because, by your awareness, you will gain access to…

9. the dawning of your true journey. As your journey unfolds you are being shown where to go, how to act and react, what decisions are right, and what choices are wrong for the self and others. You are being directed toward the true meaning and purpose of your life and…

10. if you remain open, at all times, to the deeper study of all that you encounter in life, you will discover that your true purpose is something quite unimaginable. But you will not discover this until you are actually confronted with the truth of it, based on your trust in the self. This trust is gained by proving, over and over again, that heart-centered action is right action and that the projective field all around you is not meant to discourage you, but to actually encourage you to question the self more often. You will find true relief by questioning the self, by going into heart-centered calm, by bringing your light innerly and tending to its steady flame, by which you may always read the truth of life’s dilemmas.

This is a time of searching for identity, so do not dismiss your own quest for true identity, nor the challenges that others must put themselves through. Each of you will test the self in the way that you must challenge the self with. Do not dismiss those around you as being less enlightened or more assured; for all are at the place they need to be, as are you!

Continue to find your flame and bring it inwardly, cupping your hands around it and staying focused on rightness of action, even if that means not taking action, but simply observing with detachment, for that is the way to discover what true loving compassion means, and how to give it totally, without ego or asking for anything in return.

#556 Time to Allow the Wings of Change to Unfold

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message for us today? What is happening with the energy now?

You are in a place now of transition, upon solid ground. You are not floating without boundaries, or untethered, but you are now energetically connected, with solid foundations upon which change may successfully manage to transpire.

Do not get caught by the outer energy that will continue to ask for too much from you. Now you have a better understanding of what outer energy can do to your own inner central storehouse of energy, and you know that it is best to continue guarding this aspect of self from depletion. Pull back when necessary from the needs and desires of others in order to continually tend the flames of the inner self.

I advise now that a constant reminder be set, a new intention, to turn inward on a regular basis, perhaps hourly, in order to bring awareness, attention, and love back to self. Do not be hard on others for the struggles they must bear. Whether they be queens, princes, or babes in arms, so are they fully responsible for the lives they have chosen. When it is time, let them go so that they may fully live and perhaps turn this life into the most transitory of all lives thus lived.

The energy now is good for change, for transition, and for inward work, for the solid grounding has been done already, and the change has energy enough to support it further now. Do not be afraid of making choices to move forward, to evolve, to embrace the new you. This is the tending time, the nurturing time, the emerging time, and the time to allow the wings of change to unfold and carry you forward, fully knowing that when you elect to land you will come upon solid ground, your foundations already laid over the last months and years of hard work upon the self.