#559 That Which is Not Seen Exists Nonetheless

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Consciousness must now reach a peak of awareness that is unprecedented, both on an individual and a collective level. By this I mean that, in order for progress to be made on an energetic level, awareness of everything as energy must be promulgated and become a defining factor in how people live, think, and relate.

In order for energetic awareness to grow, each one of you is responsible for using your expertise on the subject more thoroughly in your lives. Live as an example of an aware being, bringing wholeness into your own life, becoming more attuned, each day, to what it means to become an energetic being.

As you have recently been experiencing the outer energy, as either disruptive or challenging, so have you been learning how to flow with it. You may notice, each day, that your own place upon that earth is more clearly defined and solidly held in a place of energetic connection. How can you not notice that as the outer energy appears your inner world must constantly shift in order to accommodate it? This is wonderful training and it behooves you all to see it as such, rather than be disturbed by it or consider it non-conducive to growth.

Today is a day of shift, slight though it may be. You may notice something different in the energy around you and the people you encounter, and although it may be difficult to explain, or put a finger on, your awareness alone will allow you to accept the fact that, energetically speaking, you are being shown exactly what you need to learn.

You are learning that energy is in constant flux and that if you acknowledge that life is a time of learning and growth, with very specific lessons for each individual to learn and evolve from, then your awareness will always be ready to further accept what each day brings. So today, the first thing to accept is the inevitability of life continuing on its course, seeking always growth and awareness. That is what your life’s journey is attempting to alert each one of you to. Secondly, your lessons are always present whether the energy is forceful and outerly annoying, as it has been, or more subtly present, simply a gentle wave upon the shore of your life.

Watch the energy as you would watch the waves coming upon the shore. Notice what is riding in upon the water, what is present upon the horizon, and be aware of what lies beneath the surface, unseen, yet felt nonetheless.

That is the lesson for today, My Dears. Keep your awareness in tune. Remain in a heightened state of energetic life, for that is what life is all about: being energy, feeling energy, reading energy, aware of energy for its true meaning as guide, teacher, and evolutionary fuel. Good Luck!

Thought this may appear to be a rather vague day, do not be fooled by its seemingly calm surface. As I said: that which is not seen exists nonetheless.