#507 Do Not Pollute

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Today I would like to briefly expand upon my message regarding energy and energy usage as tied to your own presence upon that earth. In order to be an evolving spiritual being you must become aware of how your energy affects your personal world. Ultimately, each one of you is responsible for how you use your energy; how it is used inside and outside of you.

All energy is interconnected, and this is what I seek to stress. If you carry negative energy, you pollute the energy of the self, but you also pollute the energy outside of you. If you carry sad and depressed energy, your outer world will be affected by this energy as well. If you carry worry and the energy of attachment to worry, your outer world will reflect this, and so on.

Your ability to evolve is tied into your awareness of your own inner energy, what it tells you about your self, and what it shows you in your outer world. You are responsible for everything in your lives, My Dear Ones. Your issues control your energy and have impact outside of you. You may be good at hiding your deepest issues from notice, keeping them pushed down and locked from public view, but your energy does not lie about you; it cannot hide itself. Your presence in that world is as an energetic being, and this you must keep in mind.

Your inner work is your greatest challenge, and your energy release is too. Doing your inner work and resolving where the energy drains are, the energy basins that have kept your energy caught, allows your energy to flow freely. Once your inner conflicts are resolved your outer conflicts will also resolve because your energy will have shifted as a result of your inner work.

As your energy flows, increasing its attractiveness, so will your energy add exponentially to the energy outside of you. Your abilities to connect outside of you, to have impact in the world, and to increase your awareness as a spiritual being will also be impacted. Your energy will no longer pollute, or be drawn to polluted energy, but it will be clean, clear, and pollution free.

Of course, the process of remaining clear, non-polluting energy is a life long task. You must constantly attend to your inner issues as they arise, remaining aware of your energy drains and basins where you are prone to getting caught. By resolving to constantly adjust your inner energy, by constant recapitulation, by constantly being responsible energy citizens, you will be able to maintain a steady flow of energy that will connect with like energy, resulting in greater positive energy outside of you.

Your ability to affect the greater interconnected web of all energy is your responsibility, and this is what I seek to stress and point out today. You must each take back your projections and discover where your energy has gotten caught inside the self. Your ability to grow is solely your responsibility, your choice, and your necessity, if you are going to evolve.

This is a time of taking personal responsibility for everything in your lives. There is no blame factor allowed. It is simply necessary to own full responsibility for your lives, totally accepting the challenges you have presented your selves with. This is your life. Do you wish to live with negative energy or positive energy inside you and outside you? It is up to you. Your decisions affect not only you, but everything else as well.

Good luck as you continue your evolutionary journey. The quiet contemplative life is a very good one, allowing for self-study and positive energy gains, resulting in better understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, and better understanding of what it means to be a loving, compassionate, evolving, energy being.