#506 Chuck’s Place: Honest Abe

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When I find myself in times of trouble, in a serious quandary as to what is right action, I distill the dilemma down to a yes or no question and flip a penny: heads yes, tails no. I chose a penny because it was the only coin that felt right. Apparently, my spirit insists upon modesty and simplicity. Perhaps, as well, it’s the energy of Lincoln embedded in the coin, who’s intent was truth and right action.

Surrendering to the guidance of the coin is deeply challenging. The ego resists releasing control; the big baby holds tightly to its desires. On the other hand, turning control over to the penny can represent an immature action, a wish to not assume adult responsibility, seeking instead to be told what to do. Beware of this motive, as the penny is then likely to lead us into calamity, the wrong decision, so that we learn to become an adult. In this case, the wrong decision becomes the right action. In other cases, the penny can affirm the truth that we already know. The feedback of the penny can also challenge a deeply held conviction, which opens the door for contemplation and objective inquiry.

Flipping the penny is a deeply spiritual endeavor, which teaches us letting go, turning it over, acquiescence, deep contemplation, channeling, and trust of the non-rational. Flipping the penny, an intentional synchronicity, is an excellent tool for leading an energetic life. Flipping that coin is opening to the profoundest of consequences. Perhaps, the next time you approach a discarded penny in the street you might pick it up and ask for its golden guidance.

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