#505 Energy=The Motion of Emotion (E=ME)

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Constant awareness is now not only called for, but is also necessary. How will you progress and grow if you do not maintain sustained alertness to all that is present in your world? The signs of life as energy are all around you, but you will not be aware of them if you maintain only a solid outlook on life. Energy fluidity is present. Energy fluidity is available. Energy fluidity is constantly being shown.

What does this mean? By fluidity, I mean several things. First, fluidity is energy in motion. You are so bent on everything in your world remaining solid and stable, so prepped and neat, so that you can trust it to remain perfectly present in form and content, the same each day. You wish to open your eyes each morning and discover the objects in your world exactly where they should be. I ask you to observe these objects of your affection differently now, as objects in motion, as fluid energy.

You may look upon them as rock hard and present to your touch and feel. But I ask you to stretch your thinking and use your creative abilities to “see” the world differently. Look upon it as energy in motion. Adjust your eyes to observe everything differently. Soften your hardened gaze that wishes to create perfection, which seeks only to see hard reality, and allow your softness of heart-centered energy to become part of your outer perception of life now too. Begin to allow your own inner energy, that you feel but cannot see, to flow out of you by using your ability to perceive all else as energy too.

You feel your own energy. Can you not feel the energy outside of your as well? Can you allow what you see to turn into a feeling experience? This is where we take the concept of fluidity next. Not only is energy constantly in motion, but it is a feeling awareness. It is not tactile, in the solid sense of picking up a rock and feeling its weight as heavy, though energy is certainly felt, and it is certainly detectable much as an object is detectable. Am I confusing you yet?

Awareness of energy as fluid, as in motion, as emotion and feeling, are necessary understandings and concepts to embrace. When you feel or perceive what another person is expressing, simply by being next to them, you are feeling energy. When a person walks into a room you may feel their energy quite boldly, quite noticeably. It may be loud and blaring energy, or it may be quiet and calm energy. It may be bristling or it may be flowing energy.

Energy is constantly in motion, constantly fluid, constantly detectable. Your awareness must now begin to accept these facts and use them to perceive your world of solid objects, as well as energy of feeling and emotion, using inner self energy in a new way as well. This new way requires training your awareness, but it also requires a shift in ideas, long held beliefs, and a desire to allow the self to change. You will not be aware of the fluidity of all things, of energy, if you do not really want to give up your precious ideas and risk waking up one morning to discover that the world you had in front of you the night before is completely transformed. In order to evolve you must acquiesce to new ideas of energy, new concepts, and new definitions.

Your ultimate journey will be your journey out of that physical body and out of that solidly perceived physical world at death. At death you will be faced with just the prospect of transformation that I present. You will fall asleep in your rock solid world and wake up in a new world, a transformed world, where nothing is as you now perceive it. To wake up in a world of energy, without understanding it, may send you into quite a tizzy, and that is just what happens to so many energy beings who immediately elect to return, to reincarnate, to the familiar rock solid world. However, preparation for entering a world of energy is being offered to you every day, and this is what I now suggest you add to your process.

Begin today to loosen your control, your view, your need to see the world as you have needed it to be. For safety reasons, and for reasons of ego, you have needed the world to be solid. You have had to learn all about that world, for you must live in it while you exist on that level. But you are also being challenged to change your perceptions, to give up your control, and to acquiesce to the idea of everything as energy, everything as fluid, in motion, and able to be seen and felt as such.

Begin to study your world from this new perspective now. Feel and see energy differently using your own energy as your first subject of study. You have inside your physical body the perfect energy body, available to teach you what it means to be an energy being. I have more to say on the subject, but this will do for now.

Accept your self as pure energy by accepting your own feelings, emotions, and inner processes as energy in action, in motion. Understand that such energy is bound inside every other person walking upon that planet; bound inside every animal. Every object, every action, thought, deed, every idea, every incident, every sound is energy in motion. You have the ability to not only perceive it, but beyond that, to affect it, to use it, and to evolve as a result.