#504 You Are a Creative Genius

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Find now an increase in energy, but be aware of how you use it. There is a tendency to go outward with energetic enthusiasm rather than inward, and I guarantee, if you do that, you will find your stamina quickly depleted. Yes, it is a time of outer growth and outer accomplishment, but the seed of that growth and development lies within.

Apply your knowledge of inner contemplation to this inner process of energy and budding growth. Use your tools of meditation, imagination, prayer, and focused intent, to attain a new level of awareness. Use your innate creativity, which burgeons forth, seeking form and realization in your world. Allow this energy to come forth, not in wasteful manners, but with meaning and with intent focused on your spiritual path, your inner enlightenment manifesting outwardly.

In order for your changing self to truly embrace the prospect of newness that has been proposed and is now energetically available, so must you remain focused on meaningful expenditure of energy and meaningful living, conscious, at all times, that everything you do affects everything else upon the planet.

It is no longer either appropriate or acceptable to be selfish, or to consider the self above even the most insignificantly noticed form of life. All life is sacred. All creatures are part of the greater plan, and all must be afforded admiration and respect for the journeys before them. Your life, though supremely important and significant to you, must also be seen in the greater context of all life. You are as important as, and no less important, than the bugs that buzz about your head, reminding you to focus on your awareness. Notice how even such tiny creatures can produce an energetic response from you.

Use your awareness of all life as interconnected to bring your own life into better balance with your outer world. Maintaining your inner place of calm in order to access your inner creative wellspring is now a very appropriate next step in your growth. You may not yet understand how you will use your creative spirit and that is not where your focus should be now. Your focus should be on removing the blockages and springing open the gates that have been locked and neglected for so long. Your focus should be on allowing your creative spirit to enter your life, or reenter your life. Some of you have been in denial of such energy, while others have relegated it to certain pastimes, but I am asking you to allow it to flow into your every moment of existence and become one with your awareness.

This combination of creative spirit and spirit of knowing awareness is your innocence unleashed, active, and participating in your life. Awakening your creativity will once again allow access to your ancient self, to your creative innocence. This will further aid you in your recapitulation process, if you are not afraid to let it be actively present, but it will also aid you in your evolution. Your next few months and years upon that earth will grow and change significantly if you allow your creative innocence to enter your daily life. If you follow its natural emergence, and openly flow with it, so will you find that your access to your innocence is near at hand, closer than you think. If you dare to accept that you are a creative genius, you will find that your wonder and your desire for new life will automatically be fulfilling, and your future more meaningfully connected to your true spirit self.

Who are you really meant to be? All of you are truly meant to be creative spirits, set free of the dungeons and the demons of the past, free-flowing with the awareness that all creatures are interconnected; without question aware of your place, at each moment of each day, because you have elected to grow within the self.

This creative energy is now bubbling inside you. Go to it. Become friends and traveling companions with this innocent creative energy. Allow its delight to seep into your life. Use it to show you how to live. Do not control its direction, except to keep it innerly so that it may further awaken and teach you. But let it also blossom forth outside of you, for that is where you will find your fulfillment of expression and your ultimate manifestation of innocent and true self, in the interconnected world.