#503 Ten Negative and Positive Energy Perspectives

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

Continue contemplation of the wholeness of the self and of the oneness of the self, not as an individual, ego-bound and ego-driven, but as pure energy, interconnected to all else upon that earth, and beyond. If you are, in essence, pure energy and can contemplate the self in this fashion, can you not accept that all else is but the same? If you are attributed the qualities of energy, the light and dark of energy, can you not understand that such energy can go out of balance? If you are out of balance you may be more attuned to negative energy to the detriment of positive energy, and vice-versa.

Today, I wish to speak of balancing your energy so that you have an equal and steadily maintained beaker of energy, negative and positive, in balance inside of you and outside of you. You need both to survive and you need awareness of both in order to evolve. Even as you may wish to consider the self only comprised of positive energy, I contend that this is impossible. You would not exist at all if you did not have to do battle with negative energy inside of you.

It may be more acceptable to you to admit that negative energy exists outside of you, and this I fully understand. As an energy being who is seeking to evolve, your job is to undertake the study and maintenance of all energy inside the self in order to be in balanced existence. Your place in the world outside of you will also benefit greatly by truthful understanding of your own inner negative energies, often arising when you least expect them.

Can you give us some examples of negative inner energies?

Yes, I can. You may notice quite blatant ones, which you control, but there are many negative forces that are not so easily controlled and are also not so apparent. First, I speak of world hatred, inconsideration of the rights of all beings, and the need to speak of differences as being negative. Then, I suggest that the common inclination to separate the self from others and place the self above all other beings as being more enlightened, more advanced, more in tune with the world around you, is an aspect of negative energy. Ego-bound energy wishes the self to be above, looking down upon the creatures of earth as lesser beings, whether in mental, physical, or spiritual capacity. With such ego-driven imbalance the spiritual self is relegated to a place of superiority as well, for the ego desires companionship in its place of gloating and hatred. Watch carefully how your own ego understands and explains the world to you.

I contend, also, that though the inner self may be highly spiritually attuned, driven to seek enlightenment, it may not be in balance. Is the inner self in balance with your outer world, or do you wish to ignore the outer world, turn only inward, and consider the outer aspects of life as mere distractions? This is also negative activity within the unbalanced self.

Does the self wish to consider the children of the world as lesser beings, the uneducated, the poor, the disabled, the evil, the warring tribes, the fundamentalists of the world, as overtly negative or incomplete in a spiritual and enlightened manner, as struggling separate from the self? I realize that I am asking you to consider the self as no more enlightened than the person you find to be the least enlightened in your world. I ask, next, that you consider the creatures that reside upon that earth, those of energetic composition, living purely guided by this energy: the animals, the insects, the creatures who crawl and who fly. Contemplate the birds who appear so free, yet do they accept the complicated challenges that life has proposed to them in order for their survival to be certain.

All right, so you may observe negative energy outside of you quite readily. You may wish to protect or hide your self from it, but until you accept and understand your own negative qualities, and negative energy, there will be no true balance of self. In order to understand the self more fully, I ask that you begin this new week upon that earth by hoisting your self out of your stagnancy, your complacency, and your ingrained and practiced ideas, and offer the self a new outlook, a new perspective, and a new awareness of energy, both positive and negative.

First, accept the self as comprised of negative and positive energy.

Second, accept the truth of the necessity of these polarities and what they truly mean: that you are no more or less than even the tiniest and most insignificant being upon that earth.

Third, imbue a new sense of wonder into your self today, a wonder at the complicated energetic dynamics taking place all around you as outer energies seek to feed off inner energies, and vice-versa.

Fourth, ask the self to energetically step down to a place of humbleness in light of the power of the energy outside of you and inside of you.

Fifth, charge the self to change the way you see and think about the world outside of you in order to shift the way you see and think about your self. Are you truly any more enlightened than the creatures of the air, or of the sea?

Sixth, push the self to accept the darker secrets of the self, acknowledging the negative thoughts, words, and judgments that arise from within. Rather than shoving them aside, as not truly coming from the self, accept them as spoken truths, coming to teach you.

Seventh, ask the self to be truthful at all times, no matter if you are confronted with the beauty of the inner self or the darkness of the inner self. It is most necessary to not only accept these aspects of the self, but to own them as ever present aspects.

Eighth, know the self. Know that you are fully capable of acting as irrationally, as spitefully, and as haphazardly as the next person. Know that you are as impetuous and foolhardy, as thoughtless, and as cruel as any you may see outside of you acting in a manner that you may regard as unenlightened.

Ninth, know that you are also capable of innocence. Know that your innocence, your purity, and your beauty are as readily available as your anger, your judgments, and your certainty that everyone else has so many more problems than you do. Know that your innocence is not afraid of you, though you may be afraid of it.

Tenth, know that you are fully capable of processing and maintaining balance of the negative and positive aspects of self, innerly and outerly, by accepting the truths of these aspects of self, and the truth that they are present at all times, forever, as you make your journey upon that earth.

These negative and positive forces are your life forces. They are energy. One cannot exist without the other. You cannot exist without the presence of both negative and positive energy inside of you and outside of you. They counteract, they merge, they guide each other to engage in life and in the world. They constantly keep you in motion, alive, and aware. Respect your darkness as much as you respect your light.

To conclude this message, I ask that you continue your inner work with much more awareness of your own energy as equal to all other energy you come in contact with. How else will you truly and fully understand interconnectedness if you do not understand oneness of all beings? Energetically speaking, every creature upon that earth is comprised of negative and positive energy. Every creature has the innate ability to connect with every other on a vibrational level. Keeping your personal vibrational level balanced is one thing, but to do so with truth and honesty, aware of your most negative aspects is part of your challenge. This truthful balance will aid you in gaining access to true enlightenment, interconnectedness, and oneness of self as part of the greater world.

Do you seek balance, health, and spiritual goodness? In order to access your positive aspects of self, so must you seek your negative truths as well. When in balance you will gain understanding of all energies, all creatures, all connections, and greater awareness of what it means to be in balance.