#508 Ride into Life as an Energy Being

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some practical guidance for us today?

Allow your selves to fully understand your own energy. Begin with finding and centering the inner you each morning as you awaken. Grasp the meaning of you, as an energy being and as a physical being simultaneously. These two selves are necessary for life upon that earth, but beyond that life the only aspect of self is self as energy.

Concentrate now on discovering, more fully, this energy self. Concentrate on learning to accept this self as the true self now, but also as the ultimate future self. Concentrate on acknowledging the experiences of this energy self in body and out of body, in waking and in dreaming, in your outer world and in your inner world.

Who are you as an energy being? What does your own personal energy feel like to you? Find this energy self more often, turning to it throughout your day as a means of contemplation, relaxation, and meditation, as a means of centering and grounding, as a means of balancing and discovering your two selves.

Anchoring in the energy self is your next step in truly remaining on the recapitulation path, the lifelong path of truth and self-acceptance. Only in finding and maintaining daily contact with this energy self will you maintain equilibrium and attain evolutionary enlightenment.

Your experiences of the self as energy now are meant to guide you through life. Look for these experiences in your life. Begin to document them, make note of them, make lists of them as they occur, so that you may begin to understand that you are having experiences of this sort quite often. Once you begin to note and recognize that these are true experiences, your experiences will take on a life of their own.

Part of this process involves acquiescence to the truth of this energy aspect of self. Acceptance of the fact that you are an energy being is only part of the process. To logically grasp what that means is one thing, but to surrender and allow your energy self to be in control will lead you to more experiences of this energy self, this spiritual self.

Open the doors and windows of the inner self wide today. Allow the energy of inner spirit self to be present in your day. Acquiescing to the truth of this self, while at the same time expecting experiences of this self, will allow for greater flow in your life, and greater flow will allow for notice of energy and experiences of energy.

Give your self a few minutes, each day, to begin a new practice of energy awareness. Even as you open your inner self wide to experiences of your own energy, shut down your physical self momentarily, going beyond the physical self, beyond feelings and emotions, beyond projections and archetypes, beyond everything you now consider as self to the ultimate experience of self as energy. (During the channeling I saw this as almost an alchemical process of distilling the self down to the essence of energy self, pushing away all physical properties and attachments, getting even beyond innocence, to pure energy, the inner gold.)

Access this aspect of energy self each day; invite it to emerge and sit with you as you ride through your day, up front in the driver’s seat, no longer slumbering in the back seat or packed away in the trunk of your vehicle. Ride now into life as an energy being, and see what happens as this awareness of self proceeds into your outer world, accompanying you to work, to play, to meals, to social visits, to moments of contemplation and to moments of conflict, to moments of trust and to moments of distrust, to moments of love and to moments of wariness of love. This energy self is your true self. Live your truth.