#509 As Old Worlds Shatter New Worlds Begin

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance to offer us now, as we continually attempt to remain grounded in a time of uncertainty? It feels as if major personal choices are being presented and along with such choices come major personal challenges as well.

This is a time of breaking up of the old, and rather than seeking to repair, to re-glue, and live with the illusion of wholeness, you are begin asked to pursue another avenue. This energy of now challenges you to stick with your inner heart-centered knowing.

What is the purpose of your life? You will not discover your true potential if you remain encased in your old ideas of self and the world, nor will you have access to what is constantly being offered. Are you tempted to break out of your shell? Are you afraid of what you might encounter if you do? Are you afraid to step out into the world, freed of burdens of old, because you will not know what to do with your dual feelings of emptiness and freedom?

As old worlds shatter new worlds begin to form. The challenge now is to allow the new world to form on its own, to not carry forth the shards and bits of the old world, but to leave them behind, for they carry no energy and they no longer bear any promise.

Your world may be shattering, breaking apart, shifting, changing, or even simply being redefined in some small but significant way. This is good energy coming from the universe of intent that demands such change and that requires each one of you to bravely accept the challenges in your life in order to learn to trust such energy.

If you allow your self to be unburdened your experiences will be manifold. You will feel fear and sadness, but you will also feel freedom and lightness of spirit. Your fear and sadness may be familiar old friends that you are reluctant to leave, but if you remain caught in the muck of reluctance your freedom and lightness of being will soon be swallowed up in the inertia that awaits your decision.

Inertia awaits to drag you back into the depths of your fear and reluctance, your two longtime partners. But on the other hand, freedom and energy of self seek to entice you forward, asking you to trust your journey, your spirit, and the energy of change that is here to aid you.

This is a time of decision-making. Often such a time is not accompanied by such determined and positive energy of change as is now present. If you dare to change, if you dare to move toward the lightness of self, if you dare to be daring indeed, your life will change dramatically, but it will also put you on the path of energetic intent, with much available to lead you and guide you on your way.

It takes daring to follow such energy into the unknown. It takes a great fight against the old comforts of fear and sadness, and it takes the fearless embracing of trusting in the energy of all that is good and positive, available to guide you if you are willing to surrender to that which desires only your connection to truth and true spirit.

Your God, your guides, your guardians, whomever offers you your truths, is waiting for your acceptance of what they have available for you. They ask for your trust and for your openness in order to be able to detach from the old and embrace the newness of not really knowing where you are headed, but daring to go anyway.

This is how you will discover your true potential, you know; by daring your self to acquiesce to what life offers, as it cracks open a new door, presenting you with a new opportunity to change and grow, but also to trust.