#496 Your Energy Usage

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Some determination needs to be made now as to what you will accept as part of your life. It is time to seriously consider how you wish to use your energy, determining what is most important to focus your attention on, based on what you receive in return, for to use your energy slovenly is not a good idea.

It is time to allow the self to study the attachments in your lives and the energy drains, to decide why and how you are going to use your energy now, and in the future. Your underlying premise must be that you only have a certain amount of energy, and most of that energy must be used to promote spiritual health, for that is most important now.

I suggest that an assessment of energy usage is now called for, an honest look at your life from the energetic point of view, determining how and where you are spending, wasting, or best utilizing your allotted energy. Present your selves with the honest truth that you only have a certain amount of personal energy. Some of may have more than others because you have already begun a concerted effort to retain it for the self, having learned to withdraw it from outside attachments and utilize it for the work on the self. This is a good beginning because only in the true work on the self will your energy become available for better usage outside of you as well. As you turn to your inner work, you will regain much of your lost and spilled energy and re-ignite your own coffer of fuel.

First, you must take an assessment of how you use your energy, as I have said.

Secondly, it is important to fully understand why you use it in the manner that you do. Why are you so attached to certain people, behaviors, habits, and outward seeking pleasures and fulfillments?

Thirdly, you must take time to consider what it will mean to the self, and others, if you decide to withdraw much of your attention from where it is now attached. Are you asking others to become more responsible for themselves by withdrawing your focus from then and turning it back upon the self? If so, this is a very good action to take!

Fourth, you must determine where all of your own inner aspects are in regards to your energy usage now and, again, as you reserve your energy for your self. Where is your adult self, your inner child, your big baby, your anima, your animus, your controlling self, your allowing self? Where is your most useful self and where is your most reluctant self?

As you shift your attention from outward focus to inner focus, deciding that you wish to reserve your energy for the work on the self now, you will experience a shift. This shift will be quite noticeable. You will have outer reaction of the self and of others, but your inner structures will also shift.

You may find that certain aspects of the self, previously ignored or even unknown, may come forth asking for recognition and attention. You may find that your inner world is much more demanding than your outer world. You may discover that your outer self is not quite ready to turn from outer expenditure of energy, no matter how depleting it is. You may have a period of scrambling as you experience a shift and a reconnection to the self, causing a power outage of some significance, as you determine what it really means to reclaim your own energy.

Lastly, I suggest that the reason you would want to do such a thing as reclaim your own energy is that as you age upon that earth, you may begin to experience a depletion of energy, a physical and mental tiredness or drain. You may experience this as an abrupt loss or as a gradual loss, but I suggest that, in some manner, you will discover that it is noticeable and perhaps even more significant than that. In fact, a noticeable loss of energy may be the ultimate reason you seek to reclaim your energy from others and from outer attractions and attentions.

A withdrawing of your energy from outside of you, no matter your age, is a good practice to begin cultivating. In the long run, you will be glad that you have cultivated skills of inner work in order to maintain and have available vital energy to carry you forward. Your main focus in doing so is to learn as much about the self as possible, all the parts of the self, but also all the possibilities of the self as you return your energy to the self.

It is important to keep in mind that your life is full of opportunities to grow and to evolve. With your inner work focused on such growth and evolution, open to a changing self, so will you require energy to keep moving forward. With energy focused inwardly so will you gain enough clarity to eventually know how best to use it outside of you.

Take time now, during this changing time, to offer the self an opportunity to flow with the changes offered, by reclaiming your personal energy and utilizing it for further study of the true self, the honest self, the pure and innocent self, who may feel that your attention has gone too far astray. Time to return to the self!