#497 A Jolt is Needed

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Continue to watch your own energy as we go into this time of shift and reflection. Use your mirrors of self-reflection to determine how your personal energy should be used outside of you. As you take back your energy from areas in your life that no longer need, deserve, or require your attention, determine, with utter honesty and truth, how best to utilize it for self-growth. Though this time upon that earth pushes for participation, and though many issues come to the foreground as they struggle to remain prominent, do not falter in your quest for wholeness, for that is your main goal.

Though your lives are busy, your outer world demanding, and your inner world often distant and removed from that outer reality, so must you maintain the link between inner self and progress on your evolution, no matter what comes from outside to tempt you or push you away from your mirror of self-reflection.

Your mirror of self-reflection is your main guide right now. It offers the only clear picture of what you must deal with. It speaks the truth, though your ears may not want to hear; your eyes do not lie. Your ears may be covered and spoken truths appear as muffled, unclear sounds, easily ignored, but you must acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with your eyes. Your eyes see the truths being reflected, revealed, and repeatedly pointed out as your major areas of interest, the issues needing attention. This you cannot deny, and this you must not push from you, or you will get into trouble.

This is a good warning to present to you, My Dear Ones. I know you like my kindness and concern to be gentle, but every now and then a jolt is a good approach, and now is such a time. So I will state it very plainly: if you do not pay attention to what you are seeing, and I use that word to mean seeing with your eyes, but also with your inner knowing, you may end up in a place of difficulty that will take a long time to dig your self out of. (During the channeling this appeared, visually, to be a physical dilemma, possibly health related, but it could also be mental or emotional stagnation manifesting in a physical manner.)

Clarity of seeing is a gift and it is offered so that you may take swift action. Your clarity may reveal any number of things, but it is not to be feared. It may jolt you, but action taken now will place you far ahead of where you now stand. If looking in the reflective mirror has become painful for you, I suggest that you must confront the painful truth, accept its solid and honest approach, and take action to remedy and resolve the issues that are being presented. Only in action, in acceptance, and in truthful self-concern and self-guidance, will your life change drastically for the better.

This is a time of action, even as you are pulled to ignore, once again, the truths of the self. This is a time of fighting through the old ways of ignoring, pretending, and covering the truths being pointed out, reflected daily in your mirror of self discovery, self guidance, and self love. It is where you will first see the real you reflected, the new you, the awakened you.

Allow the self to push forward now. Jolt the self forward to a new place. You are aided in your growth, even as you are accompanied into your places of old. You are never alone.

It will be nice to see you on the other side of the current mirror of reflection, the new you looking back at the utter grandeur of the new evolving self who is unafraid, open to the adventures of life as yet unrevealed.

What is your mirror showing you? What is the jolt that is coming to wake you up? This is the next shift that you have been expecting, and how you deal with it is very important. Good Luck!