#495 Create Your Own Impetus

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

My Dear Ones, it is not within my power to do more than guide you. Although my words may offer incentive, so is it up to each of you to take action on your own behalf. Today I urge inner contemplation around your greatest issues of fear, reluctance, and denial of the need for change. Now is the changing time. It is a synchronistically and energetically aligned changing time. It is a vital and valuable time, energetically speaking, for inner growth, but no matter how often or how much emphasis I put on this fact, it will not aid you if you do not accept your responsibility in participating for the good of self.

Even as you elect to confront your basic reasons for sluggishness in taking action, so also realize that others in your life are being confronted with this same aspect in themselves. There may be great desire for change, yet has the impetus for action not arrived. I urge you to create your own impetus now based on what you know about your self, about your situation, your desires, and your deepest needs. Your impetus must come from your inner spirit’s yearning for recognition and your acceptance of it as your new partner in your life. This requires a new love and appreciation of the self.

A compassionate and yet unrelentingly focused self must now come forth in order to procure you a place in this energetic time of prosperity for the human race. You are all being given the opportunity to engage in this changing time. You are all being asked to participate in a global outreach that will have the possibility to shift the way that the human race lives and acts towards every being upon that earth.

But such a sweeping proposition of real change will not happen if you, each individual, does not make a commitment to change the self. How can you aid in the global energy of change if you have not dealt with your own inner energy? How can you understand global compassion if you have not processed what compassion of self means? How can you propose to others that they change if you have not asked the self to change first?

Each one of you must engage in change in order for greater change to occur in the world. Ask the self to face the fears that block your own energy from true emergence. Ask the self to wrestle with the problems that keep you caught in your old habits. Ask the self to truly participate in a new life now.

I know you are all good people with solid values founded in goodness, compassion, kindness, love, and many more fine qualities. But I urge you to consider your fears as your biggest blocks to growth, for they keep you from your true potential.

Do not be afraid of what awaits you as you confront these fears, for it is but life; life on many levels; life as energy; life as eternal, and life as impetus for further growth. Perhaps that is all you need to get you started on your true journey, simply the prospect of the energy of life, ready and waiting for you to tap into it!

NOTE: We were, very generously, given tickets to hear the Dalai Lama speak yesterday at Town Hall Theatre in New York City in a dialogue with Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland. One of the topics he stressed dealt with the idea of oneness as being the answer to addressing many of the problems in today’s world. As he pointed out, there can no longer be a we and a they in the world; there can only be a we, and that the world is too interconnected for us to be so divided. If we begin to think of us all as one then we can begin to understand and live compassionately. I think in Jeanne’s message today she is asking us to address our divided self, the we and they aspects that keep us from our true self, and to learn compassion for these interconnected aspects of self. Then we can bring what we have learned into the world outside of us. -Jan