#510 Chuck’s Place: Flowing With The Changes

Welcome to Chuck’s Place, where Chuck Ketchel expresses his thoughts, insights, and experiences!

I know that when we leave, when the usher’s gesture is final, we are offered the option of love to loosen our grip and flow with the changes. Shells are cracking open everywhere. The other night I heard a crash in my daughter’s room. She soon appeared bearing the fragments of a shattered Cookie Monster, a sacred container from her childhood.

Yesterday, I felt sadness welling up in me. My daughter was leaving for Portland, Oregon. How would I greet that moment of change? We met in a still moment and opened to a knowing, loving embrace. Off she flew to new life and adventure; the broken fragments of the beautiful blue shell, which once contained her, now ready for the dump, or perhaps a fragment saved to become part of a new work of art, a mosaic of lives lived.

Moments after she left, I watched my step-son cross the bridge into professional musicianship, his first paid gig. It wasn’t about the money, it was the ability to improvise, seamlessly, with but a few moments of practice with a group of seasoned musicians he’d never played with before. They rocked! He earned his wings, no longer just a talented kid, now a musician-man, a welcome addition to the band.

When sadness would well up in Carlos Castaneda, don Juan would, seemingly harshly, confront him with indulging in self-pity, accusing him of secretly protecting his own attachment to an unchanging world. My own sadness in yesterday’s moments was the usher’s call to drop the veil of the familiar, and experience family from a new vantage point. If I am to be completely honest, when I gazed into my daughter’s eyes I saw someone I didn’t know. Was I ready to allow her to become the stranger she’d always been? Was I ready to take on Kahlil Gibran’s challenge, to acknowledge that we are but facilitators of “life’s longing for itself?” And what does this require? Detachment; taking back the projections and expectations that the unfolding life before us is a continuation of our own lives, letting go of familiarity and set roles. It is opening to love in its highest form, granting another being total freedom to be.

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#509 As Old Worlds Shatter New Worlds Begin

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance to offer us now, as we continually attempt to remain grounded in a time of uncertainty? It feels as if major personal choices are being presented and along with such choices come major personal challenges as well.

This is a time of breaking up of the old, and rather than seeking to repair, to re-glue, and live with the illusion of wholeness, you are begin asked to pursue another avenue. This energy of now challenges you to stick with your inner heart-centered knowing.

What is the purpose of your life? You will not discover your true potential if you remain encased in your old ideas of self and the world, nor will you have access to what is constantly being offered. Are you tempted to break out of your shell? Are you afraid of what you might encounter if you do? Are you afraid to step out into the world, freed of burdens of old, because you will not know what to do with your dual feelings of emptiness and freedom?

As old worlds shatter new worlds begin to form. The challenge now is to allow the new world to form on its own, to not carry forth the shards and bits of the old world, but to leave them behind, for they carry no energy and they no longer bear any promise.

Your world may be shattering, breaking apart, shifting, changing, or even simply being redefined in some small but significant way. This is good energy coming from the universe of intent that demands such change and that requires each one of you to bravely accept the challenges in your life in order to learn to trust such energy.

If you allow your self to be unburdened your experiences will be manifold. You will feel fear and sadness, but you will also feel freedom and lightness of spirit. Your fear and sadness may be familiar old friends that you are reluctant to leave, but if you remain caught in the muck of reluctance your freedom and lightness of being will soon be swallowed up in the inertia that awaits your decision.

Inertia awaits to drag you back into the depths of your fear and reluctance, your two longtime partners. But on the other hand, freedom and energy of self seek to entice you forward, asking you to trust your journey, your spirit, and the energy of change that is here to aid you.

This is a time of decision-making. Often such a time is not accompanied by such determined and positive energy of change as is now present. If you dare to change, if you dare to move toward the lightness of self, if you dare to be daring indeed, your life will change dramatically, but it will also put you on the path of energetic intent, with much available to lead you and guide you on your way.

It takes daring to follow such energy into the unknown. It takes a great fight against the old comforts of fear and sadness, and it takes the fearless embracing of trusting in the energy of all that is good and positive, available to guide you if you are willing to surrender to that which desires only your connection to truth and true spirit.

Your God, your guides, your guardians, whomever offers you your truths, is waiting for your acceptance of what they have available for you. They ask for your trust and for your openness in order to be able to detach from the old and embrace the newness of not really knowing where you are headed, but daring to go anyway.

This is how you will discover your true potential, you know; by daring your self to acquiesce to what life offers, as it cracks open a new door, presenting you with a new opportunity to change and grow, but also to trust.

#508 Ride into Life as an Energy Being

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some practical guidance for us today?

Allow your selves to fully understand your own energy. Begin with finding and centering the inner you each morning as you awaken. Grasp the meaning of you, as an energy being and as a physical being simultaneously. These two selves are necessary for life upon that earth, but beyond that life the only aspect of self is self as energy.

Concentrate now on discovering, more fully, this energy self. Concentrate on learning to accept this self as the true self now, but also as the ultimate future self. Concentrate on acknowledging the experiences of this energy self in body and out of body, in waking and in dreaming, in your outer world and in your inner world.

Who are you as an energy being? What does your own personal energy feel like to you? Find this energy self more often, turning to it throughout your day as a means of contemplation, relaxation, and meditation, as a means of centering and grounding, as a means of balancing and discovering your two selves.

Anchoring in the energy self is your next step in truly remaining on the recapitulation path, the lifelong path of truth and self-acceptance. Only in finding and maintaining daily contact with this energy self will you maintain equilibrium and attain evolutionary enlightenment.

Your experiences of the self as energy now are meant to guide you through life. Look for these experiences in your life. Begin to document them, make note of them, make lists of them as they occur, so that you may begin to understand that you are having experiences of this sort quite often. Once you begin to note and recognize that these are true experiences, your experiences will take on a life of their own.

Part of this process involves acquiescence to the truth of this energy aspect of self. Acceptance of the fact that you are an energy being is only part of the process. To logically grasp what that means is one thing, but to surrender and allow your energy self to be in control will lead you to more experiences of this energy self, this spiritual self.

Open the doors and windows of the inner self wide today. Allow the energy of inner spirit self to be present in your day. Acquiescing to the truth of this self, while at the same time expecting experiences of this self, will allow for greater flow in your life, and greater flow will allow for notice of energy and experiences of energy.

Give your self a few minutes, each day, to begin a new practice of energy awareness. Even as you open your inner self wide to experiences of your own energy, shut down your physical self momentarily, going beyond the physical self, beyond feelings and emotions, beyond projections and archetypes, beyond everything you now consider as self to the ultimate experience of self as energy. (During the channeling I saw this as almost an alchemical process of distilling the self down to the essence of energy self, pushing away all physical properties and attachments, getting even beyond innocence, to pure energy, the inner gold.)

Access this aspect of energy self each day; invite it to emerge and sit with you as you ride through your day, up front in the driver’s seat, no longer slumbering in the back seat or packed away in the trunk of your vehicle. Ride now into life as an energy being, and see what happens as this awareness of self proceeds into your outer world, accompanying you to work, to play, to meals, to social visits, to moments of contemplation and to moments of conflict, to moments of trust and to moments of distrust, to moments of love and to moments of wariness of love. This energy self is your true self. Live your truth.

#507 Do Not Pollute

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Today I would like to briefly expand upon my message regarding energy and energy usage as tied to your own presence upon that earth. In order to be an evolving spiritual being you must become aware of how your energy affects your personal world. Ultimately, each one of you is responsible for how you use your energy; how it is used inside and outside of you.

All energy is interconnected, and this is what I seek to stress. If you carry negative energy, you pollute the energy of the self, but you also pollute the energy outside of you. If you carry sad and depressed energy, your outer world will be affected by this energy as well. If you carry worry and the energy of attachment to worry, your outer world will reflect this, and so on.

Your ability to evolve is tied into your awareness of your own inner energy, what it tells you about your self, and what it shows you in your outer world. You are responsible for everything in your lives, My Dear Ones. Your issues control your energy and have impact outside of you. You may be good at hiding your deepest issues from notice, keeping them pushed down and locked from public view, but your energy does not lie about you; it cannot hide itself. Your presence in that world is as an energetic being, and this you must keep in mind.

Your inner work is your greatest challenge, and your energy release is too. Doing your inner work and resolving where the energy drains are, the energy basins that have kept your energy caught, allows your energy to flow freely. Once your inner conflicts are resolved your outer conflicts will also resolve because your energy will have shifted as a result of your inner work.

As your energy flows, increasing its attractiveness, so will your energy add exponentially to the energy outside of you. Your abilities to connect outside of you, to have impact in the world, and to increase your awareness as a spiritual being will also be impacted. Your energy will no longer pollute, or be drawn to polluted energy, but it will be clean, clear, and pollution free.

Of course, the process of remaining clear, non-polluting energy is a life long task. You must constantly attend to your inner issues as they arise, remaining aware of your energy drains and basins where you are prone to getting caught. By resolving to constantly adjust your inner energy, by constant recapitulation, by constantly being responsible energy citizens, you will be able to maintain a steady flow of energy that will connect with like energy, resulting in greater positive energy outside of you.

Your ability to affect the greater interconnected web of all energy is your responsibility, and this is what I seek to stress and point out today. You must each take back your projections and discover where your energy has gotten caught inside the self. Your ability to grow is solely your responsibility, your choice, and your necessity, if you are going to evolve.

This is a time of taking personal responsibility for everything in your lives. There is no blame factor allowed. It is simply necessary to own full responsibility for your lives, totally accepting the challenges you have presented your selves with. This is your life. Do you wish to live with negative energy or positive energy inside you and outside you? It is up to you. Your decisions affect not only you, but everything else as well.

Good luck as you continue your evolutionary journey. The quiet contemplative life is a very good one, allowing for self-study and positive energy gains, resulting in better understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, and better understanding of what it means to be a loving, compassionate, evolving, energy being.

#506 Chuck’s Place: Honest Abe

Welcome to Chuck’s Place, where Chuck Ketchel expresses his thoughts, insights, and experiences!

When I find myself in times of trouble, in a serious quandary as to what is right action, I distill the dilemma down to a yes or no question and flip a penny: heads yes, tails no. I chose a penny because it was the only coin that felt right. Apparently, my spirit insists upon modesty and simplicity. Perhaps, as well, it’s the energy of Lincoln embedded in the coin, who’s intent was truth and right action.

Surrendering to the guidance of the coin is deeply challenging. The ego resists releasing control; the big baby holds tightly to its desires. On the other hand, turning control over to the penny can represent an immature action, a wish to not assume adult responsibility, seeking instead to be told what to do. Beware of this motive, as the penny is then likely to lead us into calamity, the wrong decision, so that we learn to become an adult. In this case, the wrong decision becomes the right action. In other cases, the penny can affirm the truth that we already know. The feedback of the penny can also challenge a deeply held conviction, which opens the door for contemplation and objective inquiry.

Flipping the penny is a deeply spiritual endeavor, which teaches us letting go, turning it over, acquiescence, deep contemplation, channeling, and trust of the non-rational. Flipping the penny, an intentional synchronicity, is an excellent tool for leading an energetic life. Flipping that coin is opening to the profoundest of consequences. Perhaps, the next time you approach a discarded penny in the street you might pick it up and ask for its golden guidance.

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Until we meet again,