#492 Who Rules?

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
I am asking you to continue teaching and guiding us today. Monday’s message, #491, felt almost like a compilation of many of the topics you have been stressing over the past few years. I realize that you always address the mature adult in us, expecting that aspect of us to lead. Many people, however, struggle with undiscovered and unrecapitulated pasts and, as a result, are confronted with repeating old patterns and behaviors, and are often being ruled by any number of child aspects, or even the big baby. I know that you stress balance and moderation as a means of gaining control over aspects of the self that tend to rule, but what if the old rulers continue to reign and, in spite of good choices and the right decisions, they do not recede, but continue popping up and demanding attention?

I must say, My Dear, that this is quite a loaded question! My first response is that if the old rulers continue to rule then it is clear that they have not been properly dealt with, or they are not ready to relinquish their seats of power, for they are present as teachers as well as provocateurs. In order to be done with aspects of the self that tend to be in control must you truly be done with them. But as long as they can still teach you something about your self, they will remain in control of you.

What do they seek to teach you? Well, I suggest that it is obvious from whom the ruler is. Is it your big baby? If so the first obvious thing to learn is that you are being ruled by the big baby. Is it your controlling adult self who rules? Then acknowledge and accept this truth. Is it your underachieving teenage self, full of low self-esteem who rules? Then address this truth, seeing it clearly as your place of control. Address, first, who rules you. Be truthful about this assessment, looking at your self in your life and acknowledging, from your inner truth speaker, that your life has been dominated by one aspect or another.

Perhaps you are most often in your adult place of rule, but occasionally slip back into an old track, an old personality returns to test your stability. If this is so, then the means of acknowledging and addressing this process will be the same. Find who your ruler is, and then determine how this ruler controls and proclaims majesty. Observe your self in the role of this ruler. Begin to see how it operates by taking your tips from the truths being shown.

If you are ruled by the big baby, the first thing to do is to take into consideration all traits of babyhood, and observe the self with these traits applied to your actions and decisions. How does a baby act? What has a baby learned and how does a baby use what it has learned because of its helplessness, neediness, and curiosity? How does a baby manipulate so that it gets what it wants? How does it process what it perceives and is confronted with? How does a baby placate and comfort itself, especially in the presence of grave danger or the possibility of annihilation?

These and many more questions can be applied to any aspect of the self that rules, whether the low self-esteem teenager, the controlling adult, the scared ten-year old, the shy eight-year old, the foolhardy twenty-one year old, or the explorative forty-year old. All or any aspects of the self must be asked these and many more questions in order to begin the process of dethroning the ruler.

1. Determine who rules.

2. Address the definition of how this ruler accomplishes its goals.

3. The next part of the process is to discover what this present ruler is attempting to teach you?

Your ruler is present in your life not to sabotage, but to teach. However, sabotage can happen, over and over again, as part of the teaching and learning process. It may even be the final result if the mature adult self is not extricated and placed in a position of power, dusting itself off and facing the ruler who is both attempting to keep it asleep or in denial, while at the same time attempting to wake it up and invite it to a duel.

Your job, as evolving beings, is to evolve. Many of the issues now before you may be evolutionary issues, needing attention, begging for attention, so that you may finally be released from the fortresses and dungeons they have challenged you to recognize them and fight your way out of them.

Do you understand your own rulers? Do you see the challenges before you? Do you see where you are caught? Do you accept these truths that are revealed daily? Do you want to relinquish the comforts of the discomforts in your life? Do you accept the fact that change produces many more discomforts, as you challenge your self to the duel that must be proposed and fought in order for growth to happen?

Change requires adult guidance and supervision. Change requires adult commitment. Change requires adult participation. Change requires adult acceptance of the truths. Change requires adult action. Change requires adult rule, and I do not mean an adult who is a tyrant, or even a fairy godmother type. I mean a mature, balanced, fair, knowing, and evolving adult who is not afraid to allow for the possibilities in life to lead the trusting self forward on the right path. But most of all, the mature adult must listen to and pay attention to the inner self, who is the greatest guide of all.

This aspect of self is revealed daily, if you take the time to listen, if you shush the rulers for a moment, and ask for quiet and inner silence to reign over all other aspects that wish to intrude. It may take some practice if you are not used to listening to inner guidance, but with training you will have access more often.

I leave you today with this guidance. This is recapitulation work, but it is also evolutionary work. It is daring work. It is beginning a process of dethroning and dueling. It is challenging work that will aid you in finding your true adult ruler, who is gracious yet firm, loving yet knowing, accepting yet also aware that every choice and action should be in alignment with the truth of your inner trusting self. Remember, your greatest teachers lie within.