#493 What Kind of Tree Are You?

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us as we begin a new month upon this earth?

Continue your studies in self-awareness, remaining cognizant also of the world around you. Ground your self, with attachment to your inner self who guides, who knows, and who asks for recognition and trust. Alignment with this inner self is your anchor. Your life in the world around you will flow with greater ease and greater contentment if you allow this inner self to be heard, paying attention to and trusting its guidance and its truth.

Look for better balance now of the two selves, the inner self and the outer self, but look also for direction to stem from your inner truths, your knowing certainty, that continually emerges from within. Your inner knowing self is as the roots of a tree, your innocence its trunk, your outer self its branches, its blossoms, and its leaves. What kind of tree are you at this point in your life, and what kind of tree do you have the potential to become?

Are your roots firmly planted in the right soil for nourishment, with recognition of what they need to remain healthy and full of growth potential? Do you allow them to grow even deeper in the nurturing ground where they seek sustenance and further reaching for that which is beneficial? Are you a sapling blowing in the winds of change, as yet still sensitive and unpredictable in your anchoring placement upon that earth? Will you need replanting, or are you upon the ground that will nurture and allow you to continue growing for many years to come, offering potential for true spiritual and personal growth? Are you prepared to transplant if that is necessary?

Are you a tree that has had to compromise itself, your core too moist and damp, your leaves too weak to hold on as the stiff breezes blow? Is your inner core hollow or rotting because you have not dared to spread your roots to firmer ground, or allowed your branches to reach to the sun of nurturance and happiness?

Are you more firmly planted in a forest of compatible trees with everyone taking only what they need, allowing each the room to grow, to develop, and to spread outwardly and upwardly, while able to be innerly firm, accepting of your own inner strengths and outer beauty?

What kind of tree have you become? Are you covered in vines that have crept up over the years, keeping you caught, sucking your energy, smothering your life? Or are you allowing such attachment to take your sustenance, for your own purposes of decay? Have you acquiesced to your fate of decay rather than invite outside influence to come to your aid?

How do you perceive your self? Are you not another living creature upon the earth who needs everything that the plants and trees need? Do you offer your self good ground for planting your seeds and your roots? Do you understand that your innocence is your core, though it has often become overshadowed by the aspects of self that have come to test you with their challenges, ruling you innerly and outerly, creating a thick bark that may not be advantageous to your true roots or your true beginnings?

In finding your core, in growing strongly from your roots that are well planted, well nurtured, and well drained, will you enable a finer spreading of branches, allowing for exploration into the world outside of you. Your branches are only looking for the light, reaching for the light, seeking only the light, for only the light matters.

Contemplate awareness of self today in this manner. What kind of tree are you? Where are your roots planted? Is your core in alignment with your true abilities and attributes? Is your canopy of branches able to find the light? Are you offering your tree-self all that it needs for true grounding, true inner strength, and true growth?

Now is a time of inner and outer contemplation. Now is a time of growth with potential for shift and change, with opportunity for nurturance, replanting, adjustment, and for both inner and outer guidance to become known and acceptable. Step back from your self and study who you are from the perspective of nature. Be truthful in your assessment of the self as a being of energy and spirit with many needs and many desires.

Are you fulfilling these needs and desires of energy and spirit? Are you attending to these aspects of self? Are your roots receiving nurturance? Is your core acknowledged for its truth speaking, for its strength, for its innate knowledge? Are your branches given access to the light they seek?

With your right ruler in place, with your path chosen, and with your acquiescence to the truth of self as an energy being on a spiritual journey firmly planted, may your physical outer world open up, showing you where to find the light in your life, allowing you to continue growing and spreading both your roots and your branches, with your inner strength holding you firmly anchored and connected to all things.