#491 Love the Self

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for us today?

The time of regression now passes into a time of reaction, return to spirit awareness, and a reawakening of your spirit intent upon the earth. As I have often said, one of the most enterprising and rewarding mantras you can offer your self on a daily and even moment-to-moment basis is: “I am an energy being.” This is the key to your existence. If you allow the idea of it to broaden into every aspect of life, going beyond the confines of your own body and spirit, so may your awareness of everything begin to grow, expand, and gratify you with measures of awakening far outweighing anything else you might attempt to discover or expand upon.

No other fact of life is more important to keep in mind. In maintaining your awareness of the self, and all else, as energy, so do you offer the key to resolution of all issues, to the dissolution of all structures, to the dismantling of all judgments, to healing, and to the ability to detach from the attentions paid to the whirlwinds of life as they approach to guide you. These whirlwinds come and go and are comprised of attachments, habits, behaviors, addictions, pleasures, blames, negative as well as positive energy feeders, and all the structures, concepts, and decisions that have kept you tumbling through life with little or no sense of self, of direction, or of true spirit.

Keep in mind that energetic shifts, inside and outside of you, happen quite often. You may notice the big ones, such as now, more readily than the smaller shifts. Small shifts and offers to change happen in small ways. They are presented to you in the questions you are asked, the choices proposed, and the energy you are confronted with each day, inside of you and outside of you.

With your attention now firmly placed upon the self as an energy being, unfettered, detached, and selflessly seeking guidance, with intention to grow as an evolving being, I alert you to your own responsibility to journey forward fully aware of the self as comprised of spirit and physical body, energy and matter, negative and positive energy, anima and animus (female and male energy), light and dark. The ability to fall into your human needs is as equally important as your ability to access your spiritual needs. Yet your time upon that earth requires mature balance while at the same time you remain aware of all that calls to you asking for your attention, your tending, and your appropriate responses, choices, and decisions based on your overall awareness of the self as an energy being upon a physical journey.

Stand in your truth. Know your self fully. Know your big baby desires as well as your adult desires. Know your spirit desires in your inner world and your outer world. Know your attachments and your abilities to detach as the signs show you the direction to take.

Investigate the self. Unless you know the self you cannot know your purpose, your true direction, your fuller abilities, your connections, nor make meaningful and right choices and decisions.

Know the spirit self as clearly as you know the body self. Be open to your troubles as well as your delights, knowing that without acceptance of self there will be no acceptance of others, nor beauty of life fully realized, nor love achieved.

Love the self as energy. Love the self as physical being. Love the self as wandering seeker. Love the self as troubled investigator. Love the self as balanced and open, while still loving the fearful and hidden self.

Remain available to each of those aspects of self when they come asking for your attention and your love, your compassion, and your evolutionary goodbye to the restraints and inhibitions they have placed upon you. Be aware of the self as curious, in all aspects of life. Choose to fully seek understanding of the self in the context of the knowledge that all things are comprised of energy.

Slow down and breathe into your bodies to begin your new journey, each day, asking the self to align, to grow a little each day, to learn something new, and to be open to evolutionary directions as they are revealed.

Your ultimate direction is certain, your end revealed from the moment of birth. All things physical must end. But what do you take with you when you go, as all must choose. Will you take your well-trained aware self, or your equally well-trained forgetting self?