#484 In Walking Meditation Roam the Earth

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Now is a time of walking upon that earth, drawing forth its energy, asking it to aid you as you make your way. Now is a time of earth energy, of balancing and steadying, even as you may feel pulled in the opposite direction by the planets and the moon as they tug at you. Find your focus at your feet more often now, out of your thinking head, down into your faraway legs, and the protuberances you call toes. Even if you have lost your feet or your legs for some reason, so can you still receive the energy of this mothering time. Use your imagination. Use your intuitive inner self, and your innocent self to bid the energy of Mother Earth herself to enter your own energy path.

As you walk upon that earth remind your self often to bind your awareness to that of the ground upon which you tread. Allow earth energy to siphon into you through your feet, using your innocence to accept this gift. In walking meditation roam the earth over the next few days, grounding your self upon its supple back, but also receiving its bounty of energetic balance.

It is blossoming time, a time of awakening and renewal, a time of rejuvenation and return to life. Accept such energy as your own and do not leave it to nature alone. Man must accept that he too lives and dies many slumbering deaths upon that earth, and is offered the same opportunity to birth again as the months do change and shift is called for.

Now is changing and shifting time. Do not be afraid to partake in the energy of such a time. You are offered the opportunity to participate in new life and, in practical terms, that means that new energy is available to you. As dense and heavy as you may feel in your body after a long winter’s slumber, so is there plenty of energy available to each of you. You may feel the vibration of it in your own body during quiet walking meditation upon that earth. You may feel it when you least expect it. Or you may simply know it by the lightness in your heart.

Do not dismiss this energy as being unavailable to you, for it exists, and is available to all who ask for it. That remains the key to receiving, and the key to accepting the gifts that are readily available. You receive by asking, and you accept by your innocence asking you, the adult in the world, to step aside for a moment and allow for energetic resonance to become a part of your life.

The greatest gifts do not come unbidden. They come when innocently asked for. Use your time of new life to seek new life for the self. Use your body for walking and, in each step you take, ask for energy, for guidance, for clarity, for awareness, for compassion for self and others; ask for love to fill you and love to flow out of you; ask for the breath of self-love to inhabit you and guide you on your journey.

Now is a time of great shift, as I have spoken of, but your continuing journey requires that you participate in the energy that is available during this time of shift. Today, I offer you a means of beginning your journey anew, with fresh steps, new prayers of reception, and new balance, in order to remain open and ready for what life is asking of you right now. Live as if you mean it. Live as if you have but one day, for that is all you really ever have, one day of life at a time.

Accept the gifts of the earth and trust the innocence of your inner self as you walk with truth in your heart, compassion on your sleeve, and energy seeping into your feet. The energy of earth is pure, and you are worthy of its bounty. Give your self this gift of balance and alignment with nature, as it struggles to remain vibrant and alive each day, one day at a time. This is the way to live.